Why is Republic Day celebrated – History of 26 January

Why is 26 January Republic Day celebrated ? Republic Day is very prominent among the main days celebrated in India . This is probably because on this day our country emerged as a Republic nation. Republic Day is celebrated every year with great enthusiasm. Since it is a national day, preparations for celebrating this day start long before.

Why is Republic Day celebrated
Why is Republic Day celebrated

There will be many people who will know what is Republic Day ? Which is very important to know. Nevertheless, the question must arise in your mind that why is this Republic Day celebrated in the end? What is the importance of Republic Day? After all , why is Republic Day celebrated only on 26 January ?

If similar questions are arising in your mind, then there is no need to worry, you will get answers to all these questions by the end of this post. Then without delay, let’s start two words on Republic Day.

What is Republic Day ?

Republic Day is the national festival of India which is celebrated on 26 January every year . Republic day is also known as Republic day.

On Republic Day, army personnel go out on parade and the parade is carried out with beautiful and cultured tableaux. This parade depicts the heritage of India’s rites.

The main attractions of this parade are military parade, display of military equipment and national flag. All these are important symbols of this date .

The national flag of India is a horizontal tricolor of deep saffron color at the top, which is white in the middle and in equal proportion whose lower part is dark green.

When is Republic Day celebrated ?

Republic Day is celebrated every year on 26 January .

What is the significance of Republic Day ?

26 January is a very important day for our country. The importance of this day is so much that every year on 26 January, the establishment of the Republic of India is celebrated on the basis of principles of justice and equality and ideology.

Why is Republic Day celebrated ?

Indian Republic Day is celebrated on 26 January only because even though the country got independence on 15 August 1947, the draft of the Constitution of India was passed by the Constituent Assembly on 26 November 1949 under the leadership of Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar, President of the Constituent Assembly. Gaya and it was fully implemented on 26 January 1950 .

This is the main reason why every year, 26 January is why we celebrate as Republic Day.

History of 26 January

If you look at the history of 26 January, it was 26 January, the day in which the Indian National Congress declared complete independence and independence in 1930. After the abolition of foreign sovereignty, Independence India adopted the name ” Sovereign, Democratic Republic ” on 26 January 1950 . It was celebrated in a stadium named after the Viceroy and then made the first President of the country.

The chain of events about the establishment of India as an independent country after the liberation movement is also very interesting. At 10.18 am, in the domed court-hall adorned with the lights of the Government House, India was declared a sovereign republic. About six minutes later, Dr. Rajendra Prasad was sworn in as the first President of India.

On this occasion, around 10.30 am, 31 guns were opened and Republic Day was declared . Governor-General C. Rajagopal, who was retiring at the swearing-in ceremony, read the declaration of the Republic of India.

Then the President gave his brief speech first in Hindi and then in English. For the first time in the history of the country, the land of the country has been seen from Kashmir in the north to Cape Comorin in the south, from Kathiawad in the west to Kokanada in the west and Kamrup in the east and a constitution and a union have been formed.

Which at that time was responsible for the welfare of about 32 million people of the entire population of the country. At around 2.30 pm, the President came to the government house (now Rashtrapati Bhavan) in a special house adorned with 35-year-old decoration.

Six Australians were pulling the cab and the President’s security guards were escorting it. On this occasion, Irwin Stadium (now National Stadium) was echoing with shouts of cheers and people were cheering and President-Elect Dr. Rajendra Prasad was responding to the cheering of the crowd.

At exactly 3.45 pm, they reached Irwin Stadium, where 3,000 officers and two Indian Army soldiers and policemen were ready for a formal stay. Seven mass police and OG forces presented a spectacular scene at that time.

How is Republic Day celebrated ?

Before the parade begins, the Prime Minister pays tribute to the martyrs at ‘ Amar Jawan Jyoti ‘. The President arrives at India Gate with his bodyguards in a cab of 14 horses, where the Prime Minister welcomes him.

Flowers are flown in by plane, with tricolor movements accompanying the national anthem. There are triangular balloons and white pigeons in the sky. Water, fruit and air march policemen salute the President of the country by displaying their weapons, missiles, airplanes etc. to the tune of the band.

Seeing this magnificent scene, patriotism and enthusiasm increase in the heart of every countryman. Student NCC After walking step by step in American uniforms, they assure us that our second security line is well aware of its duties. Military and school bands resonate with patriotism and patriotism.

The tableaux of various states have shown changes in their cultural life, food, customs, industrial and social sectors. Lighting is done in Rashtrapati Bhavan, Parliament House and other government offices.

Every year, the Republic Day celebrations are specially attended by leaders of various countries, including Indonesian President Sukarno in 1950, Malik Ghulam Mohammed , Governor General of Pakistan in 1955, Queen Elizabeth of England in 1962, Elizabeth Eliabaki in 1962 and Elizabeth in 1962 Are included.

Minister Rana Abdul Hameed, South African President Nelson Mandela in 1995, US President Barack Obama in 2015, Abu Dhabi National Representative Sheikh Mohammed bin Ziyad Al Nihan in 2017 were the Chief Guests of the Republic Day.

This time, leaders of 10 Asian countries around the world include Cambodian Prime Minister Huntsman, Myanmar President Hatin Kyaya, Singapore President Halima Jacob, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak and others. We are proud to be the largest democratic country in the world.

Republic day celebration

We celebrate the National Day of Republic Day with great enthusiasm in every corner of India, paying tribute to the patriots on 26 January every year . It is celebrated with enthusiasm and honor in the Indian embassies in every state and abroad, including the capital of India, Delhi.

The main event of 26 January is celebrated in Delhi, the capital of India, in which various states participate and come to see. The parade starts at Vijay Chowk and ends at the Red Fort, passing through Rajpath and several areas of Delhi.

Can India be called a democratic nation in the right way ?

Although our country is the largest democracy in the world, but many corrupt politicians and bureaucrats in our country have held the country responsible for corruption and scams that have made our country miserable.

Problems like unemployment, poverty, illiteracy, caste should have been eliminated after the implementation of the constitution , but these problems have increased manifold and become a challenge for the country. Our society is changing. Media is becoming aware, people are becoming aware, youth are developing, education is increasing.

With all this, the country’s political development is now taking place. For a long time, corruption and crime and inefficiency in governance and administration will no longer be possible. Playing bands and parades only on 26 January will not please the people of the country.

The country can become a good democracy only when poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, corruption, inflation, caste and many other social evils are eradicated from the country so that people’s faith in democracy can be restored and our Republic Day is democratic. And the country can actually join the number of developed nations .

Why is Republic Day celebrated ?

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