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What is internet : In today’s time, there is hardly anyone who is not familiar with the Internet. The web of internet has taken the whole world under its arrest. The world has become so dependent on the internet that it has become impossible to imagine anything without it, but by using the Internet more, you can also see the side effects of the Internet. There is so much information related to the Internet that not everyone knows, that is why today we have brought this post for you, in which you will be told the history of the Internet.

What is internet
What is internet

The modern world is Internet world which has become an important part of our lifestyle. It has spread all over the world at a rapid pace and the Internet has made our life very easy by providing various facilities. Today, there will hardly be any area where Internet Ka Upyog is not done, Internet has connected the whole world but still there are very few people who are fully aware of Internet Ke Baare Mein Jankari. So let us tell you in detail the internet.

What is internet ?

Internet is the world’s largest network . When two or more computers connect to each other to exchange information, a network is created, the same network is named Internet. We are able to exchange information or documents in our computer only due to internet. Internet is a network of many interconnected computers, which connect any computer in the world through routers and servers . In simple language, the connection established between two computers through TCP / IP protocol for sharing information is called Internet.


Who invented the internet ?

The Internet was not developed by any one person. Many people have been involved in making the Internet and many people have given their support. But according to Google’s report, Vint Cerf and Robert Elliot Kahn are known as the father of the Internet, as they first created the TCP / IP protocol Internet.

Who started the internet ?

If you talk about when the Internet started, then the Internet started in the 60s between 1962 and 1969. It was first created by the US Department of Defense. The world’s first Internet name was ARPANET (Advanced Research Project Agency Network). Arpanet was first used to send a message to the University of California in 1969. After this, by about 1972, it had reached different countries of the world and with this its name was changed to Internet.

After that, there were several changes in the Internet gradually and it became available to the common people. The Internet was most used when Tim Berner Lee created the World Wide Web ( WWW ) in 1989, using browsers, pages and links to simplify communication on the Internet, and the face of the Internet after Google ‘s arrival in 1998. Only changed what we all know today.

When did internet start in india ?

Internet was launched in India on 15 August 1995 by “VSNL” (Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited). There was no internet anywhere in India before 1995, after that big companies made their name in the market and many companies started theirs. Since then, the expansion of Internet in India has increased and today our country is second in the world in using the Internet.

Advantage Of Internet

Internet Advantage has increased so much that to make any task easier, the idea of ​​the Internet comes first, because there are so many Internet Ke Labh, so let’s know what is the benefit of Internet:

  • To get any kind of information, we can take the help of internet, information related to all subjects can be obtained on the Internet.
  • Bus, train , airplane tickets can be booked online at home through internet.
  • We can see all the information related to our studies like time table or result sitting at home. We can also study about any subject online.
  • There are many such features online that you can earn a lot of money by working on the Internet itself, today a lot of companies are making money through the Internet, like Facebook and Google .
  • You can talk to a person sitting far away, like a video call.

Internet Disdvantage is also on more use as the benefits of the Internet. Let’s know about them:

  • There is a possibility of virus and malware in our computers and mobiles through the Internet .
  • Anybody can share anything on the internet, rumors spread rapidly due to misuse of internet.
  • If we say that using internet saves our time then it will not be wrong to say but sometimes due to its addiction it also wastes many times more of our time.
  • Internet addiction is also similar to alcohol addiction. Which is very difficult to get away from. Many types of Internet Ke Disdvantage are seen on health such as weight gain, mental stress, body pain, mental intelligence, eyes pain etc.


What is internet : Internet Kaise Bana got to know your full details in detail. One day even if Net Speed slows down or Net closes, then we get upset, then now you must have understood how important the Internet has become in today’s time, friends, if you liked today’s post then like And if you have any suggestions as well as share, then comment by commenting and stay connected with us to get similar information. Thank you on Trending Clash with us !

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