What is GPU – What is the difference between GPU and CPU?

What is GPU:  Today, people are using computers all over the country. Computer is made by taking many parts such as a monitor in which we see our computer screen, keyboard using which we can write anything in the computer, mouse with which we rotate on our computer screen and select the icon The CPU, which is called the brain of the computer, is the motherboard which is the most important part of the computer, in which more important parts are installed such as Processor and RAM. CPU does all the work that is done in computer.

What is GPU
What is GPU

Nowadays, a new type of processor is also being used in computers and mobile phones, which makes your computer and mobile performance much better than before. The name of this new processor is GPU. Many people have heard the name of GPU and those who have not heard will be able to know about it from this article today. Today I you what GPU and CPU and GPU What is the difference’m here to tell about it.

What is a GPU ?

The full form of GPU is ” Graphics Processing Unit “. Computer Graphics are basically called pictures and movies made by Computer. Whatever images or visuals we see in our computer and mobile screens are called graphics. The GPU is a co-processor that performs graphical calculations that the CPU used to do earlier, due to the application of graphics-rich applications in the market, there was a lot of burden on the CPU for faster processing in computer and mobile, hence reducing the burden. GPU was built to do.

What is the function of GPU?

The task of the Graphics processing unit is to render images, which means that the GPU renders images on the computer’s screen much faster than the CPU because it has used the technique of parallel processing, due to which the GPU performs a lot of graphical calculations. At the same time, it is able to do fast, which increases the quality of image and video. In the same way, if we talk about mobile phone, then whatever application or program runs in mobile, the processor manages and whatever is visible on the display such as animations, videos, images and games, all these GPU handles.

What is the difference between GPU and CPU?

Graphics Processing Unit and Central Processing Unit are both processors that are used to process some program in computer. If we talk about Mobile and Computer, then both of them have CPU processor. It is a general purposed processor that does all kinds of work like you do some mathematical calculations in it, either do the work of Word and Excel, or listen to movies and songs or browse something on the internet. You make that processor do all the work. But the GPU that is a specific purposed processor that only handles the graphics of your computer and mobile. The GPU handles all the visuals seen on mobile and computer, CPU work is very less in this task.

GPU are used in two ways a so integrated that means he is a part of your processor which Graphics Handle you intel on Judy processor of intel on your Computer to suppose such is the HD See the graphics. Similarly, if a qualcomm processor is used in a smartphone, then Adreno GPU is available there or MediaTek processor is installed, then Mali GPU is available there. So the GPUs that are here are integrated into the processor and there is a section of that which handles the graphics.

The second method of using GPU is dedicated which are only for laptop and computers as it is installed separately. You have often seen this thing that people who go to the shop to buy a new laptop or computer, ask about the graphics card and if there is no integrated graphics card in the laptop, then they buy a separate card and install it in their computer. Such as AMD , intel and ARM . GPU is more needed for Gaming purpose as high graphics or 3D animation is used in gaming. People who are more fond of playing games use dedicated GPU on their laptop or computer. So the performance of gaming gets good due to GPU, whereas CPU cannot do it at all.

If we talk about video rendering or image processing, then there is serial processing in the architecture of CPU and parallel processing is done in GPU and in Indo itself there are lots of cores, for example I would say like intel i7 core processor . These cores are like small blocks. GPU has parallel core due to which it performs image processing much faster than CPU and we get very good quality of images in computer.

I hope you have understood what is GPU , but if you have any questions related to this article, then you can comment below.

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