What is Google AMP – Its advantages and disadvantages

Did you know that what is Google AMP or  what is Page Mobile Accelerated and  what it Fayede and disadvantages . If you are using the Internet on the phone, then you must have noticed that the symbol of AMP comes under many websites, which has an arrow mark. Have you thought about it, what is it and what is the benefit to any site from it. As we all know that ever since Smartphones have entered the market, their use has increased considerably compared to the computer system.

What is Google AMP
What is Google AMP

A report has shown that about 75% of the people in the world have mobile phones and 57% of them use the Internet from their phones. And to improve this user experience, Google started AMP so that people can open any website in their mobile quickly and easily. And it was also liked by the people because it is more mobile friendly and has many benefits. So today we will know fully about this article in Google AMP and what are its advantages and disadvantages. Then what is the delay? Let’s start.

What is Google AMP ?

AMP or its full form is Accelerated Mobile Pages . It is an open-source framework with the help of which it helps to convert any pages into mobile friendly pages so that it can deliver any content very easily. Basically it works as an application with the help of which all web pages become mobile friendly. This application has been made according to this, which makes it faster to open web pages. AMP has HTML, JS and Cache Libraries with the help of which makes any website more user specific and in spite of having rich content like PDFs, video or audio, it accelerates its load time for mobile device.

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is the bare-bone version of any website’s mobile pages. This application displays only those things which are most important in the pages of a website and it ignores other things that take time to load the website. In such a situation, the mobile pages automatically open very fast. Due to which the users also get more time to read the content of the website.

By now, you must have thought about Google AMP , how much more important it is for us, so let’s take a look at its advantages and disadvantages and know what are the positive and negative effects of using it in a website. Are. 

Benefits of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) 

1. Speed ​​up the loading time of the website
If you are a mobile user then you must have noticed that due to the implimentation of AMP, the loading time of websites has increased significantly. It does not load the redundant extension which opens the sites fast.

2. Increases the server performance of a website
because sites open fast due to which there is a lot of traffic in the website and which does not load much on the server and increases the server performance.

3. Mobile Ranking helps to increase, this does
not increase the mobile ranking directly but definitely increases indirectly because sites open fast due to which the response time of the website is good and the traffic also starts increasing and ultimately it increases the mobile ranking.

4. It helps
mobile users in surfing as if we know how much it is pleasant to surf in mobile if it is slow loading. But with the help of AMP, the loading time is reduced to a great extent, which helps in surfing of mobile users.

5. It is a boon for Informational Websites, it is a boon for
Information Websites because these websites do not have much videos or pictures and they have more text and if this extra extension is removed then the website automatically becomes fast.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

1. The website’s performance increases with
the help of Cache Yes yes the performance of the website increases with the help of Cache but it has a negative effect for that website because a lot of cache memory is used to store the site only.

2. AMP puts bad flow on the website’s Analytics.
Yes AMP does support Google Analytics but for this, many different tags have to be used in those AMP pages and it is not so easy to impliment it. And this reduces the usage of analytics in the website to some extent. Which puts a bad flow on the website.

3. Advertisement reduces the
revenue as we know that the use of AMP reduces the amount of advertisement in the website to a great extent, causing a huge loss in its advertisment revenue and bloggers have to lose some part of their earnings. .

4. It is not good for E Commerce website
E commerce websites have the most ads and there are more pictures to show the product and the text is the least. All these things will be removed with the use of AMP, which will affect their revenue.

5. Ranking factor does not depend on it
Google has clearly said that AMP has no role for ranking of website. So bloggers who are thinking that implementing AMP will increase their blog rank, then it is completely wrong.

By now you must have been well aware of the dangers and disadvantages of AMP. Now you can decide for yourself whether Aakir AMP is right for your website or not. According to me, they should be used in info pages, blog posts, informational websites.

The Practicality of AMP for Small Businesses

I think you will now understand what is Google Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) . It is very easy for developers to implement it but it is not that easy for small business owners to use in their website. To use it, you must have some technical knowledge. Here I have mentioned some such method that it can be implemented.

1. Coding It Directly
This method is the most difficult because in this you have to edit the code of your website, for which you should have a good understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript . 

2. Using a Content Management System
you will be very happy to know that there are some CMS platforms which are now providing AMP support. WordPress is at the forefront of all this because it is the easiest to implement AMP here. Apart from this, there are two more platforms Joomla and Drupal.

3. WordPress, Drupal, & Joomla
If you are using WordPress then you can translate your post into AMP using only the AMP Plugin. You can use Drupal AMP module for Drupal and wbAMP for Joomla.

Speed ​​is required for all websites whether you are big or small. The main objective of Google AMP is how to make your site fast for mobile users. According to me, we should give some time to Google AMP to grow, we should see how it is developing in the future. Keeping all these things in mind, we should think whether we should use AMP in our website or not.

I sincerely hope that I have told you  what is Google AMP? Gave  full information about its dangers and disadvantages and I hope you guys have understood about Google AMP . I request all of you readers that you too should share this information in your neighborhood, relatives and friends, so that there will be awareness among us and it will benefit everyone. I need your support so that I can convey more new information to you.

It has always been my endeavor that I always help my readers or readers from all sides, if you people have any doubt of any kind, then you can ask me irresponsibly. I will definitely try to solve those Doubts. What is this article  Google Accelerated Mobile Page? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this, how did you read and  tell us by writing a comment so that we too have a chance to learn from your thoughts and improve something.

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