What is DMCA and how to use it ?

What is DMCA : When it comes to the security of content of online creators, then you may have heard about DMCA. So what is this DMCA and how does it work. Read this article today to know about all these subjects.

Ever since the internet started, people have uploaded digital content worth about several billion gigabytes in it and are still doing it. This includes music, movies, games, and more. Now the question arises whether there are no copyright issues in it? The answer is right.

So how do they solve in such a situation? The answer is that the thing that gives protection to the content creators, when someone violates copyright laws, and someone else posts the content online without their consent, then the thing which helps them in this thing. That is, it is called the DMCA.

What is DMCA
What is DMCA

Provisions of DMCA protect content creators from copyright violators who publish content in their name without giving cedit. DMCA provides a process to everyone so that if they wish, their legally protected work can be removed from another website, if it is their content. DMCA helps them in this work.

The full form of DMCA is Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (or DMCA) is a very controversial law of the US government which was enacted in 1998 by President Bill Clinton.

The main goal of this DMCA is how to maintain a balance between copyright owners and users, while it also solves any kind of copyright infringement that emerges on the surface of the digital world.

DMCA regulates the digital media and deals with the copyright challenges that the digital world faces. The DMCA not only solves the copyright infringement issues that users face but it also puts all the penalties on the offenders, so that they do not do such further work.

How did the DMCA start ?

It was in the mid to late 1990s, when peer-to-peer file- sharing and other new digital technologies had facilitated the widespread illegal access to copyrighted material.

In response to this, industry organizations such as the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) lobbyed a formal process so that copyright holders can assert their rights over their rights, so that they can remove such copyrighted material which without These are posted in third-party websites only with permission.

The DMCA was launched just to prevent such things from happening – it is a legal collaboration of legislators, media companies, and consumer advocates that protect the contents of creators in the online world.

Why Do Creators Need DMCA ?

Let us know about this why we need an DMCA.

1. If someone steals your content without your permission, then in such a case you can file a DMCA Takedown and get your content back.

2. You can monitor all the pages of your website through DMCA.com’s secure portal.

3. You can get a DMCA.com Protection Status Certificate for your website so that any user is afraid of stealing content from you. Even if taken, take proper credt.

4. Whereas if you take its Pro plan then you can easily perform DMCA Takedowns in it, scan copies of your content, and also know who can tamper with your content behind your back. Used to be.

How to use DMCA ?

DMCA is very easy to use. If it is understood in easy language, then all you have to do is go to DMCA.com ‘s website and create an account and then add DMCA Badge to your website.

By the way, for your information, tell that after opening the DMCA website, you will get 2 options, Free plan and Paid Plan .

Where you get 1 DMCA Takedown facility in Free Plan, in Paid Plan you can do as many takedown as you want. But since it is paid, you should choose it according to your budget.

By the way, if you are taking DMCA Pro Plan , then you ejkxb87must use coupon code, because it will give you about 41% discount , which according to me is very correct.

What is DMCA Protection Badge ?

DMCA Protection Badge is an icon that you can place in your web page to warn others who want to steal your content.

It is like a remainder which shows that you are taking advantage of the protection of DMCA. Whereas if you have a WordPress site , then there is a plugin for it that will make your work easier so that you can easily use protection badge.

To get the best protection, you should register your badge. Many times you can see such a badge in a site that has stolen content. Remember that you can send DMCA takedown notice to such site too , there is no problem in this.

If you have chosen to choose one such protection badge, then you should also pay attention to their Terms of Use. This badge should only be linked to a Website Protection Certificate and not to anything else. At the same time if you come across such a person who is not using this badge correctly, then you can report this violation.

In DMCA.com, a portal that you can use to monitor your pages. With this plan you can easily find out who is stealing your content.

Why is DMCA Protection Badge used in the site?

DMCA Protection Badge is used in the site mainly for two reasons.

1. It is used as a link to access the content ownership statement certificate of the website .

2. This certificate is used in every webpage of your site.
There are also three types of this certificate:

  • Verified
  • Unverified
  • Unauthorized

These types demonstrate that the website owner has chosen the DMCA.com Protection Service.

How to add DMCA Badge in your website – step by step

Now I am going to tell you how to add your DMCA Protection Badge to your website.

step 1

In this, you have to first go to the DMCA.com website. After opening the website, you will see 2 options, Free Plan and Pro Plan (Paid Plan), if you take the Pro Plan, then you will get more data security features and many more features as well.

If you are taking a Pro Plan then you ejkxb87can use coupon code, this will also give you 41% discount.

1. Click Go Pro to take a Free Plan.

Step 2

Now you will have DMCA SIGN UP Page Open in front of you . You have to register by putting the following things in it.

1. Write the first name.
2. Then type the name of the company.
3. Type your Surename.
4. Then enter your Email Address.
5. Now click on the Submit button.

Now an email will come to your email address, click on the link provided in it, Verify the account.

Step 3

Now after that the page will be open, there will be a lot of DMCA badge to choose from. You have to choose one of them and add it to your blog or website.

1. In this you choose any one DMCA Badge .
2. Now copy the code of that badge.

Step 4

Now once you have copied the code of DMCA Badge, now you have to add it to the footer of your website.

If your blog is on Blogger, then you can add the code to Blogger HTML Widget. Whereas if your blog is on WordPress then you can use DMCA Plugin . You can easily use plugins in your blog

DMCA can add badge.

At the same time, if there is an option of header and footer script in the theme of your blog, then you can also add badge code in the direct blog footer.

Step 5

After adding DMCA Badge to the blog, you can easily confirm whether the DMCA has protected your website by clicking on your DMCA Badge.

While clicking on your DMCA Badge, a DMCA Certificate will appear . This makes you sure that you are DMCA protected.

Approval of DMCA Badge may take some time. It may take some time to protect your blog post / page, it may take time, so in case of not activating DMCA Certificate, you check after some time.

Note: If you have taken Free DMCA Protection, then DMCA Protection Pending will appear in the certificate for 30 days. There is nothing to panic in this.

How is a DMCA Notice written ?

If you want to send a DMCA notice, then you must pay attention to some things. Let us know about them.

1. Your signature, electronic or physical

2. The details of your copyrighted work which are infringed, in which you will have to use the original URL.

3. Same URL of that infringing material.

4. Your contact information.

5. There is a statement written in good faith that you have a good reason to believe that your copyright has been infringed.

6. A statement where this information is your notice is correct and you are authorized for the copyright owner (then if you are a copyright owner then why not).

What is DMCA Takedown ?

When the content is removed from a website, on the request of the owner of that content, when he feels that its content has been stolen. It is a well established, accepted, internet standard that all website owners and internet service providers follow.

It is the right of any Content Owner to process DMCA takedown. Any owner has the right to own the content to process a takedown notice against that website owner or Online Service Provider (eg ISP, hosting company etc.) when the content owner’s property is found online. Without their permission.

How does the DMCA affect any webmasters ?

Webmasters who are not suffering from any type of copyright infringement are protected by the provision of Digital Millennium Copyright Act .

At the same time, despite this type of protection, if someone steals the content of any content creator, then the service provides them with severe punishment and removes their contents as well, when the creator complains.

Webmasters who do not think it appropriate to remove those infringing materials, even after receiving notice, then they can have criminal or civil penalties.

Therefore it is better in this thing that if DMCA notice comes, then those contents should be removed immediately from your blogs or websites. This makes things even easier.

What to do when you receive a DMCA Notice ?

This sounds a bit scary to hear. But there is no need to worry too much. If you host some other content in your website, then you can definitely get DMCA takedown notice for it.

The first thing to do is to keep yourself calm, then relax and think whether you have done this work inadvertently or thoughtfully. If you feel that you are guilty then you must correct your mistake. At the same time, such content should be removed.

There can also be a high possibility that you have not intentionally copied the content and have published that copyrighted content in your website without understanding the copyright laws. Or it may be that the person from whom you have obtained permission to post that content, should not be the real owner of that content in the first place.

Whereas if you are hosting multiple sites where many people are content posting and sharing , then it is very common to have these cases.

In this it is better that you take DMCA takedown notice seriously and throw those offending content as soon as possible.


I hope you have liked this article of my DMCA (What is DMCA) . It has always been my endeavor to provide complete information about the DMCA Takedown Notice to the readers, so that they do not have to search in any other sites or internet with reference to that article. This will also save their time and they will also get all the information in one place.

If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write down comments.

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