What is Cybercrime and Types of Cybercrime

What is Cybercrime : This term CyberCrime is a very well heard name for Internet users. But do you know what is this cybercrime  and types of cybercrime ? When the Internet was developed, then hardly its creators would know that this Internet can also be used incorrectly. Such as for criminal activites. Whatever crime takes place in this internet or cyberspace is called cyber crime. It is because of its anonymous nature that criminal activities begin and people with little intelligence use the Internet incorrectly. The field of cybercrime is emerging day by day and many new forms of criminal activities are appearing in cyberspace.

In such a situation, it is very important for every Internet users to have knowledge about these cybercrimes because they say that only information is sensible. It is believed that Internet has a huge contribution in connecting people, but with this many users are becoming victims of cybercrime such as hacking, theft, identity theft and malicious software . Therefore, to avoid all this, it is most important to secure you and your data or information. So today I thought why not provide complete information about the cyber crime act of your people, which will make it easier for you to understand it even better. Then without delay, let’s start and know what is cybercrime in Hindi.


What is Cybercrime
What is Cybercrime

Cybercrime is a type of crime in which the computer is an object of crime (hacking, phishing, spamming) and is used as a tool to commit any crime or crime, such as theft of information , identity theft, online fraud, child pornography, hate crimes etc. The cybercriminals that carry out this cybercrime are called. These Cybercriminals use computer and Internet technology to access personal information, business trade secrets etc. and at the same time they also use the Internet to do many malicious work.

They use computers for this purpose. Criminals who do these illegal activities are also called as hackers or crackers. Cybercrime is also known by many as computer crime. Some common types of this cybercrime are online bank information theft , identity theft, online predatory crimes (child pornography) and unauthorized computer access etc. Apart from this, if these cybercrimes take a big form, then it is called cyberterrorism and it is a really serious matter.

Types of Cybercrime

When a crime is over the Internet, that crime is called cybercrime. By the way, there are many types of cybercrime, but I have mentioned below about some common types:


In this type of crime, hackers often enter the restricted area and access the personal and sensitive information of others without their permission. This restricted area can be someone’s personal computer or an online account.

Hacking or Cracking is very different from Ethical Hacking where organizations appoint Ethical Hackers to check the security of their website. In hacking, these criminals use several types of software without authorization to enter into any computer and even the computer owner does not even know that a hacker is remotely accessing all his information. is.


This crime occurs when someone violates copyrights laws and downloads music, movies, games and software. There are many peer sharing websites that encourage software piracy and freely distribute all premium things in their websites without the permission of the owner. It is considered a legal offense to do so. In such a situation, there are many laws that consider such illegal downloads a crime.

Cyber Stalking

This is a type of cyber crime in which the victim is harassed online by a staker. This is often seen more in social media in which these stalkers harass the victims through online messages and emails. In this, these stalkers often make small children their prey, who do not have much understanding of internet. And they get their physical address, photos, personal information from them and later blackmail them. This makes the life of the victims very painful.

Identity Theft

This crime has been seen most in today’s time. They mostly target those people who use the Internet to do their cash transactions and banking services . In this cyber crime, a criminal can access all the data of a person such as his bank account number, credit cards details, Internet banking details, personal information, debit card and other sensitive information in some way and then using the same details Victim Let’s buy things online with the identity of. In such a situation, the victims suffer huge financial losses.

Malicious Software

There are many Internet-based software or programs that can spoil any network. If such software is installed once in a network, then these hackers can very easily access all the information in that network and can also damage the data in it.

Child Ponography and Abuse

In this type of crime, criminals mostly use chat rooms and hide their identity and interact with minors. Young children or minors do not understand so much because of which they abuse these children, threaten them and also force them to ponography. Fearing such threats, children are unable to say anything to their elders and become a victim of this Abusers. The government of many countries is working in this direction and has also been successful to some extent.

What are the categories of cybercrime?

Cyber ​​crimes are broadly divided into three categories, which are crime against

1. Individual
2. Property
3. Government

Many different types of methods are used in each category and together these methods are different from one criminal to another.

Individual: In this type of cybercrime it can take many forms such as cyber stalking, distributing pornography, trafficking and “grooming”. As of now, many law enforcement agencies are taking cyber crime very seriously in this category and are also succeeding in arresting such criminals internationally by joining with many different institution.

Property: Just as criminals can steal our things, property in our real world, in the virtual world also cyber criminals can steal the bank details, login details, credit card and debit card details of the victim, and misuse them. Huh. Due to which you may face financially problem. Together some make people scammy sites and cheat people. Some send offers and malicious software through email, upon opening, your computer goes under the control of those hackers.

Government: Although it is not very common, but if crime is against a government then it is called Cyber ​​Terrorism. If it is properly implemenation, then they can hack government websites, military websites, even official websites. They have the potential to shake the economic condition of a country.

What does police do in cybercrime? I don’t think the police do anything even after complaining in the Cyber ​​Cell?

Because Cybercrime is a very new specialized field, which is expanding in the Internet. In such a situation, there are many such new developments in Cyberlaws so that these crimes can be stopped in the right way. As far as the time is concerned, no such comprehensive law has been enacted in any country yet in the context of Cybercrime. This is because even the biggest investigating agencies face a lot of difficulty in this because they are crime of virtual world and controlling it from real world is not as easy.

If we talk about India then there are no such comprehensive rules or laws, but in many cities, cyber crime cells have been opened which handle such cases and together they create awareness about how all these to protect himself from crimes The cyber cell will be able to function properly only when the victims will fully support the cyber police and together provide all the necessary evidence. But it takes some time to come to the new system and laws.

How to tell about Cybercrime in India?

We all know that with the rise of Internet users, the rates of Cybercrime have also increased significantly. We must have heard many people in our neighborhood saying that we have fallen victim to cybercrime, or someone’s credit card has been fraudulent. In such a situation, everyone is sad but we often do not understand this, complain of this crime, whom to show, what evidence will have to be shown and how much time it will take to solve our case. Because of which we do nothing and these cybercriminals keep doing their work. But now this will not happen anymore because we will know about how to complain cybercrime in India.

Measures to prevent cybercrime

Let us now know step wise step about Cybercrime Complaints.

1. The first step in this is to register a cyber crime complaint, that written complaint in your city or nearby cyber crime cell where you live.

According to the IT Act, a cyber crime comes under global jurisdiction. This means that you can file a cyber crime complaint in any cyber cells in India. For this, you do not need to go anywhere specifically. Currently, dedicated cyber crime cells have opened in almost all major cities in India.

2. When you file a cyber crime complaint , then you have to give your name, contact details and mailing address. After this, you also have to address a written complaint to the Head of the Cyber ​​Crime Cell in your city where you filed the complaint.

3. If you are the victim of any online harassment, then a legal counsel can assist you in the police station during reporting. Additionally, you may have to provide some documents with your complaint. It depends on what kind of crime happened to you.

4. How to register a Cyber ​​Crime FIR: If there is no cyber cell in your city, then you can also file a First Information Report (FIR) in one of the local police stations. If your complaint is not accepted, then you can also approach the Commissioner or the Judicial Magistrate of the city.

5. Some cyber crime offenses are also covered under Indian Penal Code. Therefore, you can report them to a nearby local police station on the basis of a cyber crime FIR.

6. Most cyber crimes that the Indian Penal Code covers are classified on the basis of cognizable offenses. A cognizable offense is a crime in which no warrant is needed to arrest or investigate someone.
In such cases, a police officer is obliged to record a Zero FIR for that complainant. Then he will forward it to the police station where this crime has actually happened.

7. Zero FIR provides great comfort to the victims because in these cases immediate attention / investigation has to be done without wasting time and it happens very quickly.

It is compulsory under Note Section 154 that, in the Code of Criminal Procedure, it is compulsory for any police officer to register a complaint of a victim, irrespective of any type of crime. Ho. In such a situation, no police officer can refuse to register a complaint.

Where is the head office of Cyber ​​Crime Investigation Cell located?

Superintendent of Police, Cyber Crime Investigation Cell,
Central Bureau of Investigation,
5th Floor, Block No.3,
Lodhi Road, New Delhi 110003

List of Cyber ​​Cells in India

Visakhapatnam City Cyber Cell
Website: http://vizagcitypolice.gov.in/CyberCrimes.html
Address: CCS building in the premises of II Town Police Station,
Dabagardens, Visakhapatnam City – 530020
Contact: Inspector of Police – 9490617917; Sub-Inspector of Police – 9490617916.
Email ID:inspr_cybercrime@vspc.appolice.gov.in, cybercrimesps@cid.appolice.gov.in, cidap@cidap.gov.in

Gujarat Cyber Crime Cell
Website: http://www.police.gujarat.gov.in
Address: First floor, Police Bhavan, Sector 18, Gandhinagar
Contact: (079) 23246330/23254344
Email ID: dgp-scr@gujarat.gov.in, cc-cid@gujarat.gov.in, Dcp-crime-ahd@gujarat.gov.in

Bangalore Cyber Crime Cell
Website: http://www.cyberpolicebangalore.nic.in/
Address: Cyber Crime Police Station, CID Annexe Building, Carlton House, # 1, Palace Road, Bangalore – 560001
Contact: 8022094498
Email ID: cybercrimepscomplaint@gmail.com

Nagaland Police Headquarters
Website: http://nagapol.gov.in/
Address: Nagaland Police Headquarters, P. R. Hill, Kohima – 797001, Nagaland
Contact: (0370) 2243711/2243713
Email ID: scrb-ngl@nic.in/scrbpnaga@yahoo.com

Rajasthan Police Department
Website: http://police.rajasthan.gov.in

Uttar Pradesh Cyber Crime Cell
Website: https://uppolice.gov.in
Email ID: digcomplaint-up@nic.in, dgpcontrol-up@nic.in

Lucknow Cyber Crime Cell
Economic Offences Wing
Address: V-Floor, Indira Bhawan, Ashok Marg, Lucknow
Contact: (0522) 2287253
Email ID: eowhq@up.nic.in

Noida Cyber Crime Cell
Website: http://www.cccinoida.org
Address: Centre for Cyber Crime Investigation, Plot No: B-110 A, Sector-6, Noida
Contact: (0120) 2422271, 8800165252

What is Cybercrime : I hope that I have given you  complete information about what is cyber crime and I hope you have understood about the type of cyber crime. If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write down comments. With these ideas, you will get a chance to learn something and improve something. If you liked this article about what is cybercrime in Hindi or you have got something to learn from it then please share this post on social networks such as Facebook , Google+ and Twitter etc. to show your happiness and eagerness .

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