What is Animation and how to create ?

What is animation : There is hardly anyone who does not know what animation is . I said this because nowadays everyone already knows some information about animation. But you also need to know how to make more animations. You see only the children, they know more about cartoons and animation than adults. This is probably because the use of computer animation and graphics can make complex things even more interesting. For example, if a math problem is explained in pen and paper, then maybe a child takes more time to understand it, but if animation is used to explain the same problem then it will make the letters of the problems appear colorful and interesting. Falls on tv or computer screen However, this makes the concept more interesting and it is easier to visualize.

What is Animation
What is Animation

As we are becoming technologically advanced, almost all our things are becoming digitalize. Why was the animation so behind? Now, due to people showing so much eagerness for animation, the demand for these animation works has increased a lot. Hence the field of animation is providing a big platform for all the students, who can also choose it as a career option. By doing a good job in the field of animation too, you can work in industries like films industry, media houses, advertising agency, digital agency, e-learning and earn good money like the rest of the profession. But before all these things you have to understand what animation is, What are its types and how can your career be made in it. For complete information, you will have to read this article in a good way and by the end you will definitely get a lot of information about animation in Hindi. Then let’s start.

After all, what is the meaning of animation? Animation is a type of process in which designing, drawing, making layouts and preparing photographic sequences are the main ones which are later integrated into multimedia or any gaming products. Talking about its principle, then the still images in it are exploited and managed in such a way that it creates illusion of movement. In order to create illusion of motion, those images are displayed very quickly and these images are very different from each other. When we continuously look at these static images in a sequence, then we feel like a video animation in which characters or objects are movement.

Modern entertainment industries such as film and television have achieved very high levels because these three fields: Animation, Graphics and Multimedia have made a lot of advancement in their field. For example television advertisements, cartoons serials, presentation and model designs – animation and multimedia techniques have been used in all these things.

Types of animation

By the way, there are many different types of animation. But here we will learn about some important types only.

This transparent sheet is called cel and it is a type of medium to draw frames. In recent times, to make cel animations more attractive, music with drawings, matching sound effects and correct timing are used simultaneously for each effect. For example, in a cartoon show, 10–12 frames are played with rapid succession per second to provide a movement to that cel animation.

Stop Animation

Stop animation or stop motion animation is a type of technique by which objects can be moved automatically. In this, some images are drawn in different positions and they are photographed separately. Puppetry is a very prominent frame-to-frame animation type. Some Hollywood movies featuring animate via stop-motion effects are King Kong, The Dinosaur, and The Lost World.

Motion Graphics

These motion graphics are pieces of digital footage or animation that create such illusion in which it seems that they are in illusion motion and also rotate. They are often combined with audio to give better shape and they are used in other multimedia projects.
This motion graphics is rarely used in animation like the frame-by-frame footage and animation you are using. These motion graphics are not only used in any story based like typical animation but they are mostly used in animated abstract shapes and forms such as logos and logo elements.

Computer Animation

Computer Animation is a very latest technique which mainly involves three things which are 2D animation, 3D animation, VFX. This not only enhances the hand-drawn characters but also makes them appear real, if we compare it to earlier animations.

2D Animation : What is 2D Animation? Powerpoint and Flash animations are used to do this. Admittedly, their features are often similar to cel animation, but 2D animation became more popular because scanned drawings were used in a computer such as in a cartoon film. A very popular animation software that is used to create computer 2D animation is Adobe Flash.

3D Animation : What is 3D Animation? It is used in filmmaking where we need unusual objects or characters that cannot be easily displayed. For example, with the use of 3D animation we can make a lot of people stand in one place, set the mountain on top of a table. Many different shapes, mathematical codes, actions and colors are displayed in it, which is mind-blowing and it appears that it has been copied from an actual picture. Maya, 3D Max and Blender are the main ones when I talk about Best 3D Animation Software.

VFX : VFX is the short form of Visual Effects. In this process, such imagery is created which is different from live action shoot in a film making. In Visual Effects, live action footage (special effects) and created imagery (digital effects) are integrated together, making it seem that the environment is completely realistic, but at the same time it is awesome, valuable. , be impractical and even impossible to capture in any film. Now CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) is used to make such things.

With the use of all these animation types, they start a new and amazing technology in the field of Internet (for website design and graphics), film industry and media too. Apart from this, animation has become such a popular Internet marketing strategies, by the use of which you can be able to stop visitors to your site or blog for much longer.

How to make animation

Animation is a type of art and science, it is a new type of art form that has evolved from technical innovations to frame projector science. If you want to understand how animation works, then you must first understand how the scientific principle behind it works which helps the animation to work.

Then what is the principle behind it?

It is very simple and is based on a very simple theory which is – existence of vision, according to this theory, a human eye can retain the image for a longer time and if it can retain more images Is when more images are projected in high speed. This means that a human eye takes some time to consive a single image. When many images are shown for a very short time, then our eyes retain all the images and as a result an illusion is prepared – this is called Animation.

Why is 24 Frames Per Second?

You can also try 12 frames per second, but the action you see in it is not very appealing. Live action movies have a applicable rate of 30 frames per second and in TV animation, any drawing that is produced is twice exposed for an action. This means that if you have to produce an animated action of a second, then you need 12 drawings, which is similar to 24 frames. The reason for this is to get some mileage.

How to measure the length of animation?

Animation is measured by footage. You should know about the term footage. We use the word of this footage very often like footage of wedding. In animation too, the footage is nothing but the length of the animation is called and it is measured in the Feet. Normally 1 foot of animation has a length of 16 frames of animation. This means that 1 second of animation is similar to one and half feet.

1 foot = 16 frames
1 sec animation = 24 frames = 1 1/2 feet.

Frame Rates:

The frame rate has great significance for the final quality of animation. Frame rate determines how many frames per second are displayed when you playback the animation. If you set the frame rate high, then you produce a lot of drawings. Whereas if you set it low then your animation looks a little choppy.

12 frames per second (FPS) is more recommended for Drawn Animation. This is only half of the frame rate used in the film. Hence it is referred to as ‘drawing on twos’.

What are typical frame rates

12 fps: Cartoon animation consists mostly of drawn on twos. When they are inserted into the film, the frames are doubly exposed to make it 24 fps. In our case we can simply play back in 12 fps.

15 fps : It does not come in much use.

24 fps: Film

25 fps : in Pal (European) Television.

29.97 fps : When the color is added to the television standard, a slight adjustment has to be made so that it accommodates the extra signal that is used for the color. The video is played at 30 fps, but sometimes a frame is dropped to keep up. This is called ‘drop frame’.

30 fps : Black and White for NTSC (US) Television.

What Career Options in Animation?

By the way, there are many work opportunities for animators. Professions such as graphic designer, multimedia developer, game developer, character designers, keyframe animators, 3D momodellers layout artists etc. You can also work with it in many sectors, about which we know

  • Advertising
  • Online and Print News Media
  • Film & Television
  • Cartoon production
  • Theater
  • Video Gaming
  • E-learning

All these industries are there, but with that now both government and private sector enterprises also have very oppourtinities. Animation itself has become a very big industry. Just for this you have to learn the skills of animations well.

What is an animation course and how many types are there?

Animation Courses are called Courses in which students are provided all information related to Animation. With this, they are familiarized with Animation Softwares which facilitates them to create Animation designs. Apart from this, they are educated according to market trends, so that at the end of the course they can get jobs based on their efficiency. Therefore, it is very important to do animation courses for jobs in animation field.

What are Animation Course Types

By the way, there are many different types of Courses available for learning animation. But if we officially know about the courses then these are mainly of two types.

1) Animation Degree Course
2) Animation Diploma Course

Diploma and degree, where Diploma Course is one year, while Degree Course is 3 years.

What should be the qualification for Animation Degree Course?

Here I have given information about the qualification required to take admission in Animation Degree Course for the following students.

  • In this, students must have 12th pass for admission.
  • And 12th (+2) is required to pass 45% or more.
  • Looking at the competiton, there is an entrance exam for admission in some Colleges. You have to apply for this in advance.
  • In this you can find many options to choose the course.
  • Which you can choose according to your choice.

What should be the qualification for Animation Diploma Course?

Here I have given information about the qualification required for the students to take admission in Animation Diploma Course.

  • In this, students must have 10th pass for admission.
  • And 10th is required to pass 45% or more.
  • Looking at the competiton, there is an entrance exam for admission in some Colleges. You have to apply for this in advance.
  • In this, you will get many options to choose the course, which you can select according to your choice.

What Skills are needed to learn the course?

If you have really made up your mind to learn animation then this is very good. Because it can become a very rewarding career if you put your whole heart into it and work hard. According to the Courses, you can join the Diploma or Degree Course by studying 10th or 12th from a recognized board. Here I am going to give you some important tips which are going to help you a lot in this course.

Some Important Tips:

1 – Having good observation skills.
2- Be more creative.
3 – Having Drawing / Sketching skills in it can help you.
4 – The most important is patience and concentration.
5 – Understanding and getting lost in the ability of the character being created.
6 – Having good communication skills.
7 – Having better computer and software skills.
8 – Last and most important thing is having the right team work ability.

How much do animators earn?

Animation is a very dazzling career option. After in-house training at a leading animation production studio, a candidate can work according to a junior animator with his salary ranging from Rs.12000 to Rs.18000. As an animator gains expertise and experience, then he / she can easily get good promotions and salary in which your salary is Rs. 25,000 to Rs.40,000.

Why is animation important?

Animation is a type of art; It plays a very big and important role in our life because in the internet we can see many things which are animations. With the help of animation, you can see reality in cartoon form, which makes it more impactful.

Human brain is much better at remembering the things seen and heard when it is shown something continuously, compared to studying. This is a much better way to convey something to a lot of people.

Animation is a field that employs millions of people, in which artists, animators, producers and technicians are the main ones, they produce many such diverse animated content for the whole world because their demand is the highest. The use of animation is not limited to animated films only, but we can say that up to 90% of films and television shows cannot happen without visual effects artists.

Artistically speaking, there has been a lot of advancement in storytelling from the very beginning using animation. This animation has been a very integral part of our history of entertainment, art, economy and culture.

It is a very powerful style and tool for sharing, promoting and educating a very large audience together. Whether it is educational content for schools, or training videos for an industry, or the economic and practical of informational consumer videos, animation, we can see and experience all the time and everywhere, which is experienced by millions of people.

What is the advantage of animations?

Let us know about some advantages of Animation.

1. Skill and ability Improvement
Interactive animation helps children and elders to understand complex and difficult things easily in a very short time. Also, it helps in increasing their skills and ability.

2. Interactivity
Interactivity is a type of mutual action between the learner, learning system, and learning material. Learners can learn very quickly and fast by watching these interactive videos, which use audio and video.

3. Engagement is more
interactive learning in which live-action animation, simulation, video, audio, graphics, feedback, expert advice, and questions and answers generate interest in the learners, due to which they engage and watch things more. .

4. Flexibility and safety
Many things are quite dangerous such as real-life learning experiments which are done in physics and chemistry. Computer animation has been a good choice for all of these:

  • Due to many experiments being more dangerous, they cannot be done in the workplace, but animated videos can be used to understand them.
  • Animation programs can represent many such dangerous events without any hazards.
  • If a learner makes a mistake or does not understand anything, then he can also repeat that experiment without getting injured.

5. Motivation
Since animation can be explained to people in a very inspiring and interactive way, this is a better way to motivate people.

6. Eliminate frustration
Computer animation is so attractive that even difficult and complex things can be understood easily. This does not create any frustration in the mind of the learner.

7. Practicality
These are able to present true-to-life situations that the learners face every day. Adults are mostly practical learners – meaning they learn better than facing a real problem. Computer animation also allows learners to learn from learn-by-watching, learn-by-doing and learn-by-coaching.

8. Consistent
All learners learn the same principles and skills. They help them understand things in an organized way.

9. In this, you can see such processes and things that it is not possible to show practically. For example geological events such as earthquakes or erosion patterns.

10. In this we can see each sequence of the complex sequence separately, which removes all the doubts of the learners easily.

What are Disadvantages of Animation Technology?

Along with the advantages of all technology, there are some disadvantages as well. So let’s know about them further.

1. Some information of real-life learning is often lost in the animation program. Learner cannot fully learn things practically.

2. Computer animation programs may function properly from technical point of view, but it is not so easy to fit them into the curriculum.

3. To implement computer animation properly, teachers must have some experience in the field of programming technology.

4. Extensive memory and storage space is required to store these animations.

5. To play these animations properly, special equipment is required which sometimes becomes more expensive.

Application of animation

Let us know about some important areas where animation is used extensively.

1. Education
Everyone knows that we remember human videos and images more than text. Therefore, the use of animation can explain better things to children in education purposes. And it helps them understand things properly.

2. Entertainment
Animation is used a lot in entertainment, especially in computer graphics. Many top animation companies make animated videos for people or for TV using entertainment using Diverse animation services. Many animation series and movies are made specifically for children. Studios such as Pixar, DreamWorks and DC Animation Studios are at the forefront of making mostly animated movies.

3. Advertisement
Companies mostly use advertisement to sell their products. To make these advertisement more interesting, animation is used in it.

4. Marketing
Animation brings a lot of creativity in marketing, which helps you reach more demographics.

5. In
scientific visualization they are used to make accurate and representative scientific visualization for research and analytical studies. Also you can make 3D models with it. For example in medical studies.

6. More use of creative arts motion graphics is used to make creative art.

7. Gaming
is not possible to imagine the Gaming industry without animation. Because in this industry, animation is required for everything, be it a 3D character, a game or a short video. All things like texturing, lighting and rigging are done by several graphic professionals according to the requirements of the clients.

8. Simulations
Simulations are used in places where real life training of people is dangerous and cannot be controlled. Pilot simulation, for example, to run a flight. This gives the candidate an idea of ​​how to run the flight. Together they can already be saved from many accidents.

9. Medical
Animation also has a lot of work in the medical industry. With its use, professionals and medical students can see the inner details of human anatomy with clarity. This makes them easy to understand complex concepts. Also, new students can get a lot of experience by doing many surgeries before practicaling them.

10. Using
architecture and engineering 3D animation, many complex architecture designs can be created first, which can be known whether it is possible to implement those designs in real or not.

Frequently asked questions

1Q – What is Animation Photoshop?

A – Animation Photoshop is a type of software that users can use to create an image according to their creativity. This is a very user friendly animation software, using which you can not only create a good image, but you can also edit it with it. Apart from this, you can also earn good money by doing the same job for other clients.

2Q – Sir, how is the animation behind the YouTube Poster?

The poster behind animation on A – Youtube is called green screen animation. You can do any animation on this green screen with the help of software. Often you can download this animation from the internet for free.

3Q – How much is the Sketching Animation Job Salary?

A – Sketching animation job salary can range from 15 thousand to 20 thousand. This salary can also increase according to your experience and expertise.

4Q – What is Cut out Animation?

A – Cutout animation is a form of stop-motion animation in which flat characters, props and backgrounds are used by cutting. They are cut out of paper, card, stiff fabric and photographs.


Computer animation has many advantages compared to the traditional way of education and training. Motivation and skill improvement are the main benefits. Ultimately, its main goal is how to reduce learners’ time and useless effort of learning, and make them more practical and task-oriented.

I sincerely hope that I have given you complete information about what animation is and I hope that you guys have understood about computer animation. If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write down comments. With these ideas, you will get a chance to learn something and improve something. If you liked this post about my animation, these Hindi or you have got something to learn from it, then to show your happiness and excitement, please share this post on social networks such as Facebook , Google+ and Twitter etc.

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