What is an API and What are its Benefits ?

What is an API : We all have heard about the API, but there will be many of us who will not know what the API is (what is API) What is the fullform of the API? We can also call it Application Programming Interface. If you are interested in learning about computers or you like to do this, then you must also know about API. This is a software code that helps to communicate different software programs among themselves.

As we get to know a lot about it by its name, the Application Programing Interface means that the application programing system, together the API is a system through which our Application works. And we can use it.

What is an API
What is an API

So today I thought that I will give you detailed information about the API, so that you do not face any other problem regarding the API next time. So without delay let’s know what is this API and what are its benefits .

The full form of the API is the Application Programming Interface . Talking about the API, the API is a bitch system, that is, if we run an application in our phone or computer, then when the application connects to the Internet or comes in its connection, then it sends data to a server . The server receives that data, acts on it, does whatever work you want, and then sends that data back to your phone or your computer. All this work is done through an API. That is, the task of any application without API is difficult.

Let us understand this through a simple example. Suppose you have gone to a resturant to eat food, then you will have a menu from which you can choose what to eat. In such a situation, if you order a pizza, a waiter will come, he will go to the kitchen and the person who is working in the kitchen will make the pizza, then that waiter will come to you and give you your pizza.

In this example, the waiter that is the API is working between us and the kitchen people. That is, the pizza which is an application that we start and then the waiter is the API that takes our data to a server and then when the data we need is ready then take it to us. Comes back on our phone or computer.

In computer language, API is a way by which while developing his app, he can provide him a medium through which he can run easily and give good experience to the user. In simple language, it is a communication medium between many software systems that run them. A good API facilitates the application’s communication medium with its speed. That is, it works more quickly, for example you can see that some applications have good speed and some do not.

Is the API safe

As we all know that the API connects our application to the server and sends the data to it, and brings it back to the phone by performing the necessary actions, then it comes to mind that ‘If our phone’s data is from a server But is the API completely safe? So let me tell you about it too.

Actually, the API is there, when we indicate it, that is, the work we want to get done with our application, then it will send the same information, as if we are uploading a photo on Facebook, then it is the upload information Sending that Facebook will then upload your photo, that is, all kinds of data associated with the application in the API are different, it will go to your server and show the same data, which you can now Want to Ia, she no not at all show the data server.

API today has a lot of value because it is part of many big companies like Google , Ebay, Amazon, Wikipedia etc. Many companies are also committees from this API, which we can also call API economy.

API types

The API is not one type, it has many types, all types perform different tasks according to their own. Time to make them all, their functionality is different. Different companies work on their API as per their requirement. Today I will tell you about different types of APIs.

Friends, the types of APIs do not depend on one thing. These vary depending on the method, we are telling you the types of APIs based on the procedure.

1.  Procedural: To complete the special work of this app, the handler of the software i.e. the one who is handling it, goes to the server. It is mainly provided with a common interface to open a file to the function from its function, then we can do any other work through that open fail. Procedural APIs are handled entirely by RPC Implementaions.

2.  Object Oriented: This API is a way to do the difficult tasks in System objects and to make them accessible to the server, it can carry maximum load. This API system is faster and more powerful than many other API systems. It also works in the public like many sites and software hits that everyone does, such as the low-grade Search Engines .

3.  Service Oriented: This API where many of the protocols are responsible for providing services and functions that we do through our application to the server, ie the activities that we do to them Returns the result. This is usually done in the merchant department i.e. Shopping, Discounts Apps and Sites. Like Amazon.

4.  Resource Oriented: By the name of this API, it is known what its name is. As we know that resource means ‘resource’. It also works like this. When we run a software or application, when that API collects our data, it takes it directly to the server. This API uses big companies who want to be completely secure. Expensive web hostings also use this API.

Popular Examples of API

By the way, many APIs are interesting on the Internet, but today I am going to tell you about some very popular APIs, about which you probably will not know many people. And if you already know about it then it is a very good thing.

1. Google Maps API: The GM API is made for Mobile and Desktop Browsers using which programmers embed Google Maps into webpages.

2. YouTube APIs: YouTube videos and their other functionality are integrated into websites and applications with the help of Google’s Youtube API. Through which user can easily use Youtube in their device.

3. E-commerce API: As we know that there are many E-commerce websites in the present moment and in such a way there are APIs for different eCommerce applications such as Product Advertising API, Product Information API etc. With the help of these APIs, we can view and use the data of these websites with the help of their application.

4. Payment Gateway API  : By using these Payment Gateway APIs, you can process merchant payment correctly. Which makes it easy for an end user like us to complete the transaction.

5. Mob API  : A programmer that develops an app for Android mobile can use the Android API to interact with hardware such as the front camera of an Android-based device.

6. Windows OS API: To manage multimedia related tasks in Windows such as gaming, graphic designing, etc., use the collection of API of Microsoft DirectX. This makes it very easy to work.

Uses of API :-

1. Time Saving – With the help of API, we can automate Tasks to a great extent, so using it saves a lot of time for users as well as business.

2. Efficiency – With the help of API, providing easy interface while hiding all kinds of complexity, so using the API greatly increases the efficiency of the product.

3. Increase of Reach – As I mentioned earlier that APIs can be made for different requirements, therefore only API has very high reach and one can easily merge and use API in its product. can go. Therefore, they can be used easily compared to other available technology.

4. Automation – As we know that there is Interaction from machine to machine in API so people do not need to interact with each other for information. Which makes the task easy and automated.

5. Partnership and Business – With the help of API, business becomes easy and partnerships between companies increase. As the company grows, with the help of API, business information can be shared and hence can be changed or customized according to the need of the business and share business related information.

Future of API

As we know that technology is changing slowly in this world, in this way technology like API is also changing, so if the API has to stay in this world for a long time, then its builders will have to change it according to the need. With this it will become even better and people will start using it more. Since APIs are able to save their time and money to a large extent, I feel that the future of API is very bright, but its creators will have to make constant changes according to the time and requirement, otherwise the day is not far when any New technology will take its place.

I sincerely hope that I have given you complete information about what the API is and I hope you all have understood about the Application Programming Interface. I request all of you readers that you too should share this information in your neighborhood, relatives and friends, so that there will be awareness among us and it will benefit everyone. I need your support so that I can convey more new information to you.

What is an API : It has always been my endeavor that I always help my readers or readers from all sides, if you people have any doubt of any kind, then you can ask me irresponsibly. I will definitely try to solve those Doubts. How did you like this article API? Please tell us by writing a comment so that we too have a chance to learn something from your ideas and improve something.

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