What is Aadhar Card | Full Information of Aadhar Card

What is Aadhar Card : Whenever we fill a form, in that form we are asked about our identity card as pan card, driving license, voter card etc.

Whether it is to create an account in the form bank, to get a new sim card, to fill the form for a competitive exam, or to book the ticket for online railway, in all such forms we are asked for some id proof.

What is Aadhar Card
What is Aadhar Card

This means that all of us must have one of these ID proofs, only then we will be able to fill a form, so that our important work will be completed or else it will not be done. Even when we have to take room in hotels, we are asked for our Id proof.


In the Pan Card , Driving License and Voter Card , the name of an individual and his home address is given, due to which all these cards are considered as an Id proof.

Apart from all these cards, there is also a card, which you can use while filling any form and if you are going from work to any other work other than you, then leave all the cards and take this card with you. Which can help you in difficult times. And that card is Aadhar Card. So, friends, today we will know from this article what is Aadhar Card in Hindi?

What is Aadhar Card | Information of aadhar card

Aadhar Card is a unique identification number , which has been launched by the Government of India for the Indian people, which will provide its identity to every person living in India. To make this scheme successful, its responsibility has been assigned to the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) whose job is to handle Aadhar numbers and Aadhar identification cards.

Aadhar Card is a unique 12-digit identification number, it is for all Indian people, irrespective of their age. Aadhar Card in Hindi can be made for all the people in a family ; Children’s too. All the information is given in detail in the Aadhar Card such as name, home address, picture, finger print scan and retina scan of the pupil of the eye, so that when the Aadhar Card is taken If it is made, then all that information will be present in it.

How to make aadhar card

If you have not yet made your Aadhar Card and want to make it, then you should pay special attention to some things that are going to be very helpful in getting you an Aadhar Card.

  • First of all, you will have to go to your nearest Aadhar Card Enrollment Center and there you will be given a slip from which you will have to wait till your slip number.
  • When your number arrives, you will be called in for verification.
  • Inside you have to provide some documents, about which I have provided the information below.
  • After this you will have Retina Scan, Finger Print scan and with that you will have to provide the correct information about your subject.
  • This will make them easier to fill your Aadhar Card application. But here you also have to verify that application (such as name, age, address, date of birth etc.) so that there will be no mistakes in your Aadhar Card.
  • You will be provided with an acknowledgment receipt when the verification is over. Which you have to take care of.
  • And have to wait for about 20 to 30 days. And the Aadhar Card will come to your address.
  • Even if you do not come, there is no problem with tension because you can also download this Aadhar card from the internet. Therefore, while filling the application, do not forget to fill your mobile number.

It is very important to make an Aadhar Card, people who want to make a new one can make it absolutely free. There are centers to make Aadhar Card in every block. You take your documents there and they will make your card. Once the varification of all your documents is completed, it reaches you within 20-40 days at your given address.

Every person will get only one Aadhar number and not more than one. And the same Aadhar number which will be given to you will remain valid for life, it will not have to be changed over time. If there is a mistake in your Aadhar Card, then you can change it very comfortably. From where you have made the Aadhar Card, you will have to fill your details once more, then the mistake of your Aadhar Card will be rectified. For this, you have to pay very little value.

What details remain in Aadhar Card?

The following details of the person in the Aadhar card are relevant.

1. Person’s name

2. Aadhaar number

3. Enrollment number

4. Person’s photo

5. Person’s address

6. Person’s date of birth

7. Person’s gender

8. A barcode that displays the Aadhar card number

Is Aadhaar Card Important?

This Aadhar Card is a very important part of UIDAI Planning Commission of our Government of India, their main objective is to provide a unique identity (Aditya Identity) to every Indian. This will make them easier to do all government functions.

Information of aadhar card in hindi

There are also many benefits of Aadhar Card. You can use Aadhar Card anywhere. First of all, when you go somewhere, there is no need to carry a lot of Id proofs with you, only Aadhar Card will be taken with you, then it alone will come in handy everywhere. And it is also very helpful for those who shift from one Seher to another Seher with their family, as Aadhar gives them proof of their being Indian.

Secondly, to open your account in the bank, to apply for making passport, to book tickets online, Aadhar Card will be very useful for you and you can give number of Aadhar Card as your identity in many places, because of that Your work will be completed.

The poor will be the biggest beneficiaries with the Aadhar Card because with their help they will be able to open their account in the bank and will also be able to take full advantage of the services provided by the government.

Nowadays, only a unique number of Aadhar Card for LPG subsidy is being taken to register so that the money of subsidy is directly transferred to the bank account of the people.

In the ” Jan Dhan Yojana ” scheme launched by the Prime Minister, the bank account can be opened easily only with the help of Aadhar Card as a document.

Those who have an Aadhar Card, if they want to get a passport, they will get it comfortably within 10 days only because of the Aadhar Card. According to government rules, it is mandatory for you to have an Aadhar Card to make a passport tomorrow.

It is heard that in future, the need of Aadhar Card will be the highest for government work. So friends, if you do not have an Aadhaar card, get it done soon so that there is no hindrance in any of your work going forward.

You will not suffer any loss by making Aadhar Card, rather it will be a disaster and if the government is making it for free then we do not even need to think so much to make it.

What documents are required to make Aadhar card?

If you have not yet made your Aadhar Card, then it is very important to know about all the documents (documents) required to make it. With this, you do not even have to go anywhere. So here is the important documents for making Aadhar card.

  • Whose Aadhar Card is to be made, it is most important to stay in the Aadhar Center itself.
  • Along with this, you also have to submit POI ( Proof of Identity ) and POA ( Proof of Address ).

Documents for proof of identity

These are the documents that identify your identity. It is mandatory to have your name and photo in it.

1.  Passport

2.  PAN Card

3.  Ration/ PDS Photo Card

4.  Voter ID

5.  Driving License

6. Government Photo ID Cards / service photo identity card issued by PSU

7.  NREGS Job Card

8.  Photo ID issued by Recognized Educational Institution

9.  Arms License

10.  Photo Bank ATM Card

11.  Photo Credit Card

12.  Pensioner Photo Card

13.  Freedom Fighter Photo Card

14. Cat Photo Passbook

15.  CGHS / ECHS Photo Card

16. Address Card in which the name and photo was issued by the Department of Posts

17. Certificate of Identify which also has a photo and which has been issue Gazetted Officer or Tehsildar on letterhead

18. Disability ID Card / handicapped medical certificate that has been issue by their respective State / UT Governments / Administrations

Documents for proof of address

These are the documents by which your address is identified. It is mandatory to have your name and address in it.

1.  Passport

2.  Bank Statement/ Passbook

3.  Post Office Account Statement/Passbook

4.  Ration Card

5.  Voter ID

6.  Driving License

7.  Government Photo ID cards/ service photo identity card issued by PSU

8. Electricity Bill (It should not be older than 3 months)

9. Water bill (it should not be more than 3 months old)

10. Telephone Landline Bill (It should not be older than 3 months)

11. Property Tax Receipt (It should not be more than 1 year old)

12. Credit Card Statement (It should not be more than 3 months old)

13.  Insurance Policy

14.  Signed Letter having Photo from Bank on letterhead

15. Signed letter having photo issued registered company on letterhead

16. Signed letter having photo issued Recognized Educational Institutions on letterhead

17.  NREGS Job Card

18.  Arms License

19.  Pensioner Card

20.  Freedom Fighter Card

21. Cat Passbook

22.  CGHS / ECHS Card

23.  Certificate of Address having photo issued by MP or MLA or Gazetted Officer or Tehsildar on letterhead

24.  Certificate of Address issued by Village Panchayat head or its equivalent authority (for rural areas)

25.  Income Tax Assessment Order

26.  Vehicle Registration Certificate

27.  Registered Sale / Lease / Rent Agreement

28.  Address Card having Photo issued by Department of Posts

29.  Caste and Domicile Certificate having Photo issued by State Govt.

30.  Disability ID card/handicapped medical certificate issued by respective State/UT Governments/Administrations

31.  Gas Connection Bill (not older than 3 months)

32.  Passport of Spouse

33.  Passport of Parents (in case of Minor)

34. Allotment letter of accommodation which has been the issue of Central / State government and which should not be more than 3 years old

35. Marriage Certificate that has been issue by the Government and which also has an address

Documents for Proof of Relationship

These are the documents from which your relationship details are known.

1.  PDS Card

2.  MNREGA Job Card

3.  CGHS/State Government/ECHS/ESIC Medical card

4.  Pension Card

5.  Army Canteen Card

6.  Passport

7.  Birth Certificate issued by Registrar of Birth, Municipal Corporation and other notified local government bodies like Taluk, Tehsil etc.

8.  Any other Central/State government issued family entitlement document

9.  Marriage Certificate Issued by the Government

Documents for Date of Birth

1.  Birth Certificate

2.  SSLC Book/Certificate

3.  Passport

4.  Certificate of Date of Birth issued by Group A Gazetted Officer on letterhead

5.  PAN Card

6.  Marksheet issued by any Government Board or University

7.  Government Photo Id Card / Photo identity card issued by PSU containing DoB

8.  Central/State Pension Payment Order

9.  Central Government Health Service Scheme Photo Card or Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme Photo card

How to link Aadhar Card with mobile number

As we all know that it has become mandatory to link Aadhar Card with your mobile and to do this you will have to go to your nearest Mobile Network center / gallery and get it done.

If you have done this then it is a very good thing, but if you have not done it then I am going to tell you today a very simple solution by which you can get your mobile linked to the Aadhaar card right from home.

Before telling you this solution, I want to give you an important information that 31st March 2018 is the last date to link Aadhar Card with your mobile . Then let’s know how we can do this work sitting at home.

How can you link your Aadhaar Card with Mobile with the help of toll free number 14546

  •  First of all , dial 14546 using your mobile , which is a toll free number and with it an IVR service.
  •  Once it is connected, you have to accept your consent that you want to link your mobile aadhar card.
  •  Once you have given your consent, then you have to type your 12 digit Aadhaar number.
  •  After this, according to the requirement, you also have to give your important details such as address, date of birth, name etc. after which it will be easily linked with your mobile.
  •  As soon as this process is over, you will receive an OTP via SMS (via) and this process ends when you confirm it.
  •  Here you have to note one thing that it takes at least 48 hours to complete this entire process, which continues on the back-end.

Benefits of aadhar card

  • Aadhaar number is the life-long identity of all Indian citizens.
  • With the Aadhaar number, any citizen can avail banking, mobile phone connection and government and non-government services.
  • With this, Online Verification can be done very easily .
  • There is a unique and concerted effort to eliminate duplicate and fake identities in a large number from government and private databases.
  • It is a random generated number which is not based on classification of any caste, creed, religion and geographical area etc. Which makes it unique.
Sl.no                     The following is the basis     The following is not the basis
1 Aadhaar is a unique identity of every 12-digit Indian Only one other card (including children).
2 Every resident of India is identified Only one Aadhar card is enough for each family.
3 Proves the unique identity of each person based on demographic and biometric. Jati does not collect information on the basis of religion and language.
4 It is a voluntary service that every resident can take advantage of, irrespective of any documents they currently have. It is mandatory for every Indian resident who has an identity document.
5 Only one unique identification Aadhaar number will be given to each person. A person can get multiple identification Aadhaar numbers.
6 Aadhaar will provide global infrastructure identification which can also be used by identity based applications like ration card passport etc. Aadhaar will replace other identity cards.
7 UIDAI Will answer yes / no to questions related to any type of identity authentication. UIDAI Public and private agencies will be able to take notice of this.

Requirement and use of Aadhar card

Now the government is making Aadhar card necessary for everything. Aadhaar cards are sought everywhere for identification. Therefore, it is very important for everyone to have an Aadhar Card. Increasing the importance of Aadhaar card, the Indian government has taken big decisions in which if you do not have an Aadhaar card, then it will be difficult to do that work.

So it is very easy to make Aadhar Card . No one else can use this card, whereas many other types of errors, including ration cards, and other certificates, have happened and continue to happen.

1. Aadhaar has been made mandatory to issue passports.

2. To open Jan Dhan account

3. To get LPG subsidy

4. To get discount on train ticket

5. To sit for exams (like for IIT JEE)

6. To get children admitted to nursery class

7 Aadhaar is necessary for Digital Life Certificate (Life Certificate)

8. Provident Fund will not be available without Aadhaar Card

9. Aadhaar is necessary for Digital Locker

10. Aadhar Card is also required for registration of property. Has been done.

11. The scholarship given to the students will also be deposited in their bank through Aadhaar card.

12. To buy SIM card

13. For Income Tax Return

what did you learn today

So friends, this was the information of Aadhar Card in Hindi (Aadhar Card in Hindi) . I hope that you have got to know a lot from this topic, like what is Aadhaar card, how to make it and what is the benefit?

If you know any more information related to Aadhar Card, please share it with us and comment below, I will be very happy.

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