What is a memory card and how many types are there?

What is a memory card? Memory card is used by all of us, whether it is in SmartPhone or Camera. But do you know exactly what is a memory card and how many types are there? Today we will get all the information related to the memory card in this article . As the name suggests, the memory card is used according to a storage.

What is a memory card
What is a memory card

A memory card is a type of storage device that is used to store media and data files. It provides a permanent and non-volatile medium to store data and files in an attached device. Most of these cards are commonly used in portable devices such as cameras and phones. These cards are also called flash cards. So today I thought that why should you all be provided with all information about memory card in Hindi, so that you have complete information about it and together you can choose the right memory card for yourself. So without delay let’s start and know what is this memory card and what are its types.

What is a memory card?

It is also called alternatively flash memory card. A memory card is a type of storage media that is used to store data such as photos, videos, etc. It is used to store data in electronic devices. The devices where these memory cards are used are digital cameras, digital camcorders, handheld computers, MP3 players, PDAs, cell phones, game consoles, and printers.

Memory card types

There are so many types of these memory cards that often they cause confusion in the minds of users, which type of memory card should be used. So let’s know about the types of memory cards so that we can know which types are used and what are the differences between them.

SD Memory Card

The full form of SD is Secure Digital Card . This is the most basic format in SD card. The dimensions of this standard SD card are 32 mm by 24 mm by 2.1 mm, with storage capacity of up to 4 GB. Its level of performance is not the same as that of other SD memory card types.

SDHC Memory Card

The full form of SDHC is Secure Digital High Capacity . It was introduced when the demand for HD video and high-resolution image recording increased significantly. It is currently used in many SD-enabled devices. SDHC cards also have the same physical size and shape as a standard SD but are a follow-up to the new SD specification of version 2.0. If the memory capacity of the SD card is 4GB or more, then it is placed in the category SDHC card.

Speaking of now, according to SDHC specifications, the capacity of memory cards should be within 4GB to 32GB. So if you are buying an SDHC card then check that the device in which you are going to use it should be compatible with this card.

SDXC Memory Card

The full form of SDXC is Secure Digital Extended Capacity . SDXC cards are a higher capacity version of SDHC cards. The capacities of SDXC cards start at 64GB and can reach the maximum theoretical capacity of 2TB.

MicroSD Memory Card

As the name suggests, microSD memory cards are very small compared to basic SD cards. Together, they are mostly used in portable equipment such as mobile phones.


microSDHC cards, this is a newer version of microSD, which was introduced for the first time in 2007. It has about 32 GB of data and its transfer rate can reach around 10 MB per second. microSDHC cards are not backwards compatible, which means it is not compatible with older microSD devices.


Like SDXC cards, microSDXC cards also have storage capacity within 32 GB to 2 TB. The data transfer speed of this card is very fast compared to microSD and microSDHC. They are only compatible with devices that have a microSDXC-compatible slot available.

Compact Flash Card

This type of memory card is physically larger than an SD card and has many connections. They are not used as much as SD cards, but some have very large capacities and can function at very high speeds. These are often used by professional photographers.

How can we increase the size of memory card?

By the way, the storage size of these memory cards is fixed and cannot be increased. If your memory card is full, then you can delete some files that you do not want to use, or if you want, you can move some files to some other place, so that more space is available across you. Will go and your storing size will also increase. If you still need more space then you can buy a new one in place of that old memory card.

How to choose the correct and best memory card

People often ask these questions how to choose the best memory card for themselves. The simple answer to this is that according to your requirement, you will have to see the specifications and parameters of the memory card before purchasing the flash memory card.

The first thing that has to be taken care of is the size of card. Nowadays cards are available in many types of sizes, so first your devices have to see whether the size you choose will fit your device or not.
After that you have to look at the storage of the card, because more storage is needed to store videos and images. Therefore, according to the operation, you should choose the correct memory card size.

Here below I have provided information about the types and some specification of some typical cards:

16 270 3800 2660 260 240 mins 160 mins
32 545 7600 5330 520 480 mins 320 mins
64 1090 15200 10660 1040 960 mins 640 mins
128 2145 30400 21320 2080 1920 mins 1280 mins

The thing that should be taken special care of is the speed of the card, because the requirement of their speed is also different according to different devices. These rated speeds are measured in MB / s. Especially high speed memory card is required for photos and videos . Also, transfer speed is also higher than high speed card, which can be easily transferred from the system.

Some such specification should be kept in mind, which helps you in choosing the best memory card.

Memory card lifespan and some care tips

The shape of memory cards is quite solid and significant. This means that you can use them for up to one million data write / read / erase cycles without any damage. But these cards only have its weakest point which is its socket connectors, they are used to remove and insert memory card into a device. Despite this happening , you can easily up to 10,000 insertions to your memory card without causing any damage. These numbers can differ slightly but for different manufacturers.

Like any other consumer electronic device, it is very important to take proper care of it, so that their lifespan can be greatly increased. Let us know about some such steps by which we can do this.

  • Never apply too much pressure in your memory card.
  • Never bend it nor drop it below.
  • Different cards of different memory cards use different cards, so only compatible stots are used.
  • Memory cards can easily enter and exit in compatible slots, so do not use force.
  • Always keep cards away from electrostatic sources as this may cause card damage.
  • Keep cards away from direct sunlight and extreme temperature ranges as this can also cause card damage.
  • Never eject the card during some operation in the memory card, it can increase the chances of the card getting bad.
  • If the cards are not used, place them in a box where the chances of applying moisture are less.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. My memory card is corrupted, so how do I get all photo backups?

If your memory card is corrupted and you want to backup it, then you must either manually transfer the data or you can also do auto backup for which you will have to use SD card backup software.

2. Apps to bring back deleted photos from memory card?

You will need to use recovery apps to bring back deleted photos.

3. How to replace the option of internal memory for downloading, replacing external memory so that the downloading direct memory is in the card?

For this, you will have to go to Settings and select the memory location as external memory, so that you can save all the downloads in the memory card. For this you can use ES Explorer application, so that you can easily change the storage location.

4. How many GB memory card can be put in Samsung j7 pro?

In Samsung J7 Pro, you can insert a memory card of up to 256 Gb.

5. sim both memory cards in Mi A2 think together?

No, the Mi A2 only has internal memory, that too 128 GB, there is no slot for the memory card.

6. Redmi Y One does not show memory card?

This is probably why your memory card is not able to read properly. Therefore you will have to insert the card again.

7. will show after putting memory card in Redmi y1?

After installing the memory card in Redmi YI, you will first have to go to setting then SD Card & Phone Storage. In this you can see both phone memory and external storage space.

8. Does the samsung j2 not have a memory card?

The memory card in Samsung J2 supports. That is, you can put a card in it.

9. Please tell whether dual sim memory card from nokia 6.1 plus mobile will support or not?

Nokia 6.1 plus mobile supports dual SIM (GSM and GSM). You can use the Nano SIM in both slots.

10. TF card, how is a memory card inserted in it?

Memory card can be inserted easily in TF (TransFlash) Card Slot. The old name of SD Card Slot is TF Card Slot. So you can easily put micro sd card in it.


I hope that I have given you complete information about what is a memory card and I hope that you have come to know about the types of memory cards. If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write down comments. With these ideas, you will get a chance to learn something and improve something. If you liked this post of mine, what is memory card in Hindi or you have got something to learn from it then please share this post on social networks such as Facebook , Google+ and Twitter etc. to show your happiness and excitement .

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