What is a landline and its types – Full Info

After all, what is a landline  ? There was a time when the picture of landlines used to come in people’s minds as soon as they heard the name of telephones. But now that picture has been converted into cell phones or smartphones. Now more people use cell phones in place of landlines. But at the same time if you want to know about telephones then you have to know about landlines first. You have to know what is this landline number? What are the types of landlines? And after knowing many such questions, after which you will get the answers of all the questions arising in your mind by the end of the article.

What is a landline
What is a landline

In this digital age, the use of cell phones has gone so much that due to which the usage of landline has seen a great decline. Where there was a time when being in a landline house, it used to convey your status. But the same thing has changed a lot now. In some homes and offices, people still have landlines, while some people have it because they have vision or hearing disabilities, and in such a way landline phones offer some features that maybe cell phones do not offer. We do. So today I thought why should you provide complete information about what the landline is and what is its type, so that you people have complete information about these old phones. So if you want to know about these great devices then this article is what is landline Must read So let’s start without delay.

What is landline?

A landline is a type of telephone that transmits signals that are converted from audio data using physical media, such as wire or fiber optic cable . At the same time, data in mobile phones is done through transmit radio waves. The landline is also sometimes called a dedicated line because it is a permanent connection between two locations. At the same time, this term is used to differentiate fixed-line home phones from mobiles.

Landline Type

Now let us know what are the different types of landline. Well there are mainly two types of it.

Corded Phones

Corded telephones were available in both models desktop and wall-mounted models. Corded telephones were a more affordable option in landline phones, but it does not offer the flexibility of cordless phones. Many corded landline phones have the option of a speakerphone which provides more mobility to the users. The long phone cords are another option to gain mobility. The main advantage of a Corded Phone is its reliability during power outage. Meaning that even when power is not available, corded phones will continue to work but not cordless.

In a corded landline, the main device is connected through a cable with a wall jack. In this, the phone base and receiver (or handset) are connected to each other through a cord.

Cordless Phones

Cordless phones provide users with the option of bridging the landline’s affordability and cell phone flexibility. Cordless phones provide users with freedom and mobility, as users can take them 20 to 30 meters apart and there will be no difference in ongoing calls. The downside of these cordless phones is that they cannot be used during power outage.

In these cordless landline, the base of the phone is connected by cable with wall jack but handset is wirelessly connected in it. The range of these cordless phones is very short, basically to the premises of a house. Cordless landlines have to be plugged in with the building’s electrical system, meaning that unlike corded landlines, these power outages ( when there is no electricity ) cannot work.

Phones with special needs

Many corded and cordless landline telephones come with many variety of options for those individuals who need some special need to operate. For example, users who are suffering from hearing loss, want such phones which have the facility of amplified sound. Phones in which lights are flashing when the ring comes in the phone, it will help those people with hearing loss to pick up the phone when the call comes. At the same time, for those individuals who have vision problems, the phones which have big dial pads will be appropriate.

Braille telephones have also been designed for completely blind people with large buttons above phones where keypads have Braille.

How to change the plan of Bsnl landline

BSNL landline users have a lot of difficulty in changing the plan but not anymore because today we will know how to change the plan of BSNL Landline in a simple and hassle-free manner.
Many BSNL landline plans are provided by BSNL to customers where they get unlimited outgoing and incoming calls as per the plans.

Here if you are not satisfied with your current plans then you can change it whenever you want and choose the right BSNL landline plans. Whereas if you want to upgrade any plans, you have to choose suitable plan.

How to change your BSNL Landline Tariff Plan?

S.NO Methods to change BSNL Landline Plan
1. You visit online selfcare.bsnl.co.in
2. Or you can visit the Exchange office in Offline.

How to change your BSNL Landline plans with the help of online selfcare .bsnl.co.in?

If you want to change the plans of BSNL Landline, then you have to follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Visit your browser www . www.carecare.bsnl.co.in

Step 2: Then register your account.

Step 3: After this you log in to the account.

Step 4: After this, after choosing your landline plan, request Submit your landline plan change in it.

When should we change our BSNL Landline Plan?

You can change your BSNL landline plan according to your landline services and according to your requirement.

How do we know about our existing BSNL Landline Plan?

You can know your BSNL landline plan online or by calling customer care , by doing this you will definitely get your current BSNL landline plan.

Can I change my BSNL landline plan via SMS?

For the time being, you cannot change your BSNL landline plan via SMS .

What is a landline number

A landline number means the same as a phone number. If you dial this number from a mobile phone or landline number, then only the landline number ring will be whose number you dialed. Just like there is a house number in our area, the landline number is used to identify the people’s landlines, similarly the landline number is used to identify the people’s landlines.

What is the difference between LandLine and Cell Phone?

There is a huge difference between a landline and a cell phone. Where landlines use a metal wire or cable to transfer a voice call, a cell phone uses radio waves to transfer voice calls.

A landline phone is also called a ” hard wired ” phone line because there is a physical connection between the phone equipment and the device. There is no physical connection in a mobile phone or a cell phone within the device and equipment. Hence it is also called Cordless Phone.

There is a phone jack in the landline connection which is visible in the wall and from this the phone line is connected. That’s why some people also call a landline a ” POTS ” line which has the fill form of POTS as ” plain old telephone service .” While there is no such jack in a cell phone, there is a facility of mobile towers for the network, Which is applied according to the connections and coverage area.

Why Usage of Landline decreased?

Landline usage has seen a huge decline in the past few years. This is because people are now getting more convenience in using cell phones. Users can take these cell phones anywhere and it is not too expensive compared to the landline. Where monthly rental has to be given for landlines , cell phones or mobile phones have prepaid facility, in which you have to pay the amount of money that you have taken services. So everyone can afford it. Due to such abstract benifits, people are not feeling much need of landlines anymore, so they started using cell phones more.


I hope that I have given you complete information about what is a landline and I hope you have understood about what a landline number is. If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write down comments. With these ideas, you will get a chance to learn something and improve something. If you have found this post about my landline, what you have to learn in Hindi, then to show your happiness and eagerness, please share this post on social networks such as Facebook , Google+ and Twitter etc.

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