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Varahamihira : It is true that since ancient times, man must have been interested in knowing about space and its strong constellation, but due to this interest, who tried earnestly to know it through his untiring and tireless hard work and subtle study. Besides, the name of astrologer and astronomer Varahamihira (Varahamihira) is also notable. On the basis of the movements of the Sun and Moon as well as the planets visible with the eyes, Jee Astrology was created, among them the name of Varahamihira is paramount because he established the knowledge of planetary constellations from different aspects of human life. Done


Varahamihira (Varahamihira) was born in 505 AD. Introducing his father Adityadas in the Brauhajatakas, he wrote that “I received an education in astrology from my father Adityadas after getting a bride from the Sun in Kalpi Nagar.” After this, he went to Ujjayini and started living. This is what he composed of Brahmajatak. He was a worshiper of the Sun. Varahamihira covered the texts called miniaturists, marriage halls, Bruhka Samhita, Yogayatra and Panchasidhantika. He is considered one of the navratnas of Vikramaditya.

Varahamihira is the creator of Indian astrology literature. He has given information about five principles from his book titled Panchsiddhantika, which includes information about Indian and Western astrology. He has given information about the culture and geographical situation of the time in his knowledge book called Brihatsamhita. As a result, there is more information about astrology in his texts. Horoscope, which is known as Horoscope, is based on this scripture. Minor is the short form of this book.

Auspicious inauspicious events are described while leaving for the Yatra. Along with knowledge in these texts, superstition was also strengthened. If you ignore superstition, then good things in this book will be helpful in our knowledge. Due to the special speed called the movement of the earth, the seasons are made known. Panchag was constructed on the basis of new calculations done by Mathematics. According to Varahamihira, “Astrologers should keep improving Panchag from time to time as the condition of Garh Nakshatro and Ritu is changing” Translated language m .

If we want to know the ancient Indian astrology, then we must study the astrological principles of Varahamihira. Some mythological astrologers of our country believe in astrology based on superstition as a stereotype. The way Varahamihira integrated Romesh and Pulish, Greek, Western astrology theory with Indian astrology, today’s astrologers need it only then astrology will get the status of science.

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