Some information about Mobile Battery that will give Long Battery Life

Today we will know some mobile battery tips , with the help of which you will be able to take good care of your battery which will give you long battery life . Mobile is the most unique invention of this vision, with the help of this we can easily contact our friends and relatives. From small children to old people, they are used all over the world today. But not everyone takes care of it well, so their mobile phones get spoiled before the time. Due to not using the mobile phone properly, it first affects the battery first, so it is very important to use your mobile phone properly.

Mobile Battery
Mobile Battery

Mobile phones have become an important part of our life, without it our day would not have started. Mobile supports us in everything from our personal work to professional work. We use it so much throughout the day, due to which the life of mobile batteries starts to decrease gradually, that is why we have to face many problems. But if we take a little care and consideration of our battery, then the possibility of increasing its life span becomes more.

The popularity of mobile phones has increased so much that today thousands of companies are launching new smartphones every day. All smartphones have some new and different features. Nowadays, some smartphone batteries have also started getting sealed, that means if there are some problems in your battery then you cannot change it and you have to take it to the service center of that company to get it fixed. The fastest thing that happens in a smartphone is the battery, so you have to use your smartphone properly to extend its life.

Mobile Battery Tips in Hindi – How to use it correctly

Today we will know from this article how to take care of your mobile battery so that you do not have to change the battery frequently and the service center has to go less.

1 # charging habit should be fine

Charging habit should be fine, I mean do not put your phone in charge only after discharge by 0%. If you do not have time to charge and your phone is completely discharged, do not leave it to be charged up to 100% by putting it in the charge, by doing so, your phone’s battery starts to deteriorate quickly. If you do this once a month, your battery will not be affected much, but if you make the same mistake every day, then your battery will not be able to support you for much longer.

Whenever you get time, only then put your phone in charge even if your battery is not charged for 10-15. Many people think that by charging their mobile again and again their battery deteriorates, but this is not the case at all.

2 # can use another charger

The second thing which is to save the life of your battery is that which charger you use. If your charger is slow and your mobile takes a long time to charge then you can use another charger. You will not face any problem in this. Just one thing you have to keep in mind that the output voltage of the second charger you use should be the same as the output voltage of your phone’s charger. Because the circuit of your phone will be able to take the same voltage as that given in its charger, if the voltage of the other charger is higher then your phone battery may have short circuit.

3 # Complete discharge your phone once a month

The third most important thing is that you discharge your phone completely once a month and then go and use it after full charge. By doing this, the life of the battery increases. Just like if someone donates his blood once every month, the dirt that is in your blood is cleared by donating blood, so that you can always remain fit, just like the cells of the battery are the power Due to repeated charging and discharge every day, the power of his cell decreases, so if you discharge and charge full once a month, then the power of the cell of the battery becomes regain. This does not damage your battery quickly and lasts longer.

Many people think that if you leave your phone in charge overnight then your battery will deteriorate quickly, but in reality it is not at all. Nowadays, the battery coming in the market has an overcharging cell that does not accept your battery and charge once your phone is 100% charged. So there is no need to worry about it, your phone will be over charge. Nowadays all the android phones and apple phones are already coming with overcharging protection in the battery.

So this was mobile battery tips, which you can adopt, then your battery problem may be reduced and you will not have to change it. Especially, those people have to take more care of this thing, whose battery is sealed in the phone because you cannot change your battery. Facebook

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