Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins Biography – Complete Info

Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins was born in 1861 to research about food. His father died in his childhood. His schooling was also completed by staying in hostel. His education was completed after many difficulties. After completing his education, he started working in biochemistry. At the age of 20, he received some money from his grandfather and with this money he started working.

Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins
Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins

Hapkins (Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins) started working at the University of Cambridge. In 1903, in his papers he experimented on mice and explained the importance of protein, carbohydrate and fatty food. This food made the mice live longer. In 1906, Hapkins published vitamins related discoveries and stated that Vitamino has a special contribution in keeping the body healthy. After twelve years of hard work, at the age of 49, he devoted all his time to research in biochemistry.

Based on his research, he proved that by adding yeast to the food, it tastes better. Hapkins used very carefully. He did many food related experiments. In 1912, he published a paper titled ” Importance of auxiliary elements in simple food “. In this paper, he had shown that the auxiliary elements have a special contribution in food. Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins explained the importance of vitamins and what diseases are caused by vitamin deficiency.

Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins said that vitamin A is very important for eyesight. Due to deficiency of Vitamin B, the gums become weak and Vitamin D makes bones and teeth strong. Hapkins is called Father of Vitamins. He never accepted this fact. He was awarded the Nobel Prize along with Isaac Man. In 1914, he became Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Cambridge.

In 1925, he was given the title of Sir. In 1930 he became the President of the Royal Society and in 1933 he became the President of the British Association. He died on 16 May 1947. His age at that time was 86 years. Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins was a very kind person. His personality was very strong. He loved everyone very much. This great scientist who gives scientific outlook to food, gives health and happiness in life, can never be forgotten.

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