Sir Charles Parsons Biography – Complete Info

Sir Charles Parsons was an English engineer who invented the experimental steam turbine. In 1884, when he was 30 years of age, he started working in a firm called Gates Head. This company used to make a type of steam engine. It came to his mind that the efficiency of these engines can be increased manifold. They thought that if these engines were fitted with a vibrating axle, their efficiency could be increased manifold. He named it steam turbine.

Sir Charles Parsons
Sir Charles Parsons

In a span of four years, he made 200 such machines which were used to produce light in water vessels. Sir Charles Parsons had a great interest in the work of the Engineer since birth. He used to make something. In 1889, he opened his own engineering firm and built two machines to set up power stations in the city. He had a company in Newcastle. On installing these machines, the entire city was lit.

Five years later, Sir Charles Parsons formed the Naving Steam Company and built the first 44-ton turbine in a vessel called Turbania. At first there was some opposition to this type of turbine, but all the Navy’s people were happy after seeing its success. In 1897, Queen Victoria highly respected this work on the Diamond Jubilee. This machine proved very useful. Thus, after great success, the Parsons made two wipers and cobra powered turbines.

In 1905, the rest of the Navy announced that all turbines should be fitted with turbines. A 30 thousand tonne turbine was built for a vessel called Parmania. Two years later, another turbine was installed in another vessel. He traveled from New York to Queens Town on his journey and completed the journey in a record time of twenty four hours four days. This turbine continued to operate in the dark ocean from 1907 to 1931.

Sir Charles Parsons was awarded a special honor in 1911. He has more than 300 patents. Motorists are still especially grateful to them because they invented a chain of non-sliding cars. This great inventor died in 1931. The works done by them in the turbine field will always be remembered.

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