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Shambhu Nath De : There are many such diseases around the world, which are possible to cure today, but it was difficult to overcome them a few decades ago. Thousands of people living in hot countries were killed due to such diseases. Among these diseases, cholera is a very terrible disease. This disease spread like an epidemic, about half a century ago, the toxic substances that spread the disease and the treatment of this disease were discovered. The credit for this remarkable discovery goes to India’s scientist Shambhu Nath De.

Shambhu Nath De
Shambhu Nath De

Shambhu Nath De was born on 1 February 1915 in the village of Garivati ​​near Calcutta. He completed his education only by staying in his village, but he had to go to Calcutta to get a medical science degree. Although he used to get scholarship during the study of medical science, but his requirements could not be fulfilled by this. A professor named “Dey” was employed in his college. He helped Shambhunath very much. It is necessary to mention here that Shambhunath Dey was married to the daughter of the same Professor Dey and after marriage Ph.D. Went to London University.

Shambhu Nath De could not achieve any success while studying at the University of London, he was also disappointed. While studying the same, there was talk of finding solutions in the brain regarding cholera disease. On returning to India, Shambhu Nath De was appointed to the Neelratna Government Medical College and began to research on cholera. Several years before his birth, in 1883, a scientist named Robert Kup had done research work on cholera disease.

Shambhu Nath De studied thoroughly about his body and worked hard to find a solution. With his systematic research, he concluded that cholera is not spread by any bacteria, but due to a toxic substance called entroxin. This poisonous substance leaks into the human body itself. Shambhunath Dey continued in his problem and in 1959 he published his discoveries in a magazine called Nature. These discoveries of him are considered to be the origin of cholera.

His discovery was recognized in the year 1960 and an attempt was made to understand the chemical properties of this toxic element, antraxin. In 1978, cholera was organized by the Nobel Foundation and the whole world worked on a vaccine to solve the disease like cholera. In the end, scientists got huge success in this. Today, on the basis of his research, a terrible disease like cholera has been conquered to a great extent.

Shambhu Nath De died on 15 April 1985 at the age of 85. Till his death only few scientists knew about his work. Based on those discoveries, it was possible to find the vaccine given by mouth. However, it was a big irony that while he was alive, his works never got respect. He did not get any respect from Indian scientists on his death. Presently, after intensive study, his work was respected, which was the scientist who brought out the origin of the cholera epidemic.

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