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American physicist Robert Goddard is called the father of rockets. Experts from all over the world call him the inventor of the rocket. At his young age, he was hooked to rocketry. In 1914, he became a teacher in Physics at Kalar University. This university was in his hometown of Worcester. In the same year, he patented two processes of rockets and wrote a book on the same subject in 1919. In 1926, he tried to make the title of his book true.

Robert Goddard
Robert Goddard

Robert Goddard successfully tested the liquid fuel rocket in 1926 in his own city. Initially, the rocket was only four feet high but in 1929, he left a very long rocket which was the largest rocket in history. Some instruments were kept in this rocket. These instruments had thermometers, barometers and a small camera. His new rocket used to generate a lot of voice. People complained to the police against its voice. The police ordered Robert Goddard that he would not leave any rocket in the state.

In 1927, a man named Lindbergh heard about Robert Goddard. He encouraged the American industrialist Daniel to provide $ 50,000 in aid to this physicist. Robert Goddard gets help. Robert Goddard built an experimental center in the grounds of New Mexico where he used to make and release rockets. He was able to make rockets that run at a speed of 500 mph and reach one and a half miles.

In the year 1935, he was successful in flying rockets that ran faster than the speed of sound. He got more than 200 patents in the field of rocketry during his lifetime. Multi-stage rocket was special in his development. Today’s three-phase booster rockets operate on the same principle. Till 1935, the US government did not give much importance to their rocket work. In World War II, he made jet rockets. In his lifetime, Robert Goddard did not get much name.

After the death of Robert Goddard in 1945, when his rocket era started, his rocket work got special recognition. Robert Goddard can never be forgotten in this area. Today experiments that work on the principle of Robert Goddard occur all over the world. All rockets carrying spacecraft and satellites work on the principle of Robert Goddard. Booster rockets are also made on the same principles.

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