Ranjitsinhji Biography | Biography of Ranjitsinhji

Kumar Shri Ranjit Singhji (Ranjitsinhji) Vibhaji was one of the greatest cricket players in the world who was not only the best player but also the ruler of his native Gujarat state in India. Seeing his sporting prowess, his fans called him “Run-Gate-Singh” and some honored him with the title of “Knight”, who showered runs. He was a progressive ruler and politician since March 1907 as Maharaja of Nawagarh. He made modern in his capital Jamnagar. During the First World War, there were staff officers on the post of Colonel of the British Army in France. Represented the Indian states in the “League of Nations” assembly at the Geneva Conference in 1920. Became Chancellor of “Indian Chamber of Princess” in 1932. He was the first Indian to play Ranji Test cricket. He composed “The Jubilee Book of Cricket”.

Ranjitsinhji Biography
Ranjitsinhji Biography

Ranjit Singh (Ranjitsinhji) was born on 10 September 1872 in Sarodar village near Jamnagar. Rajkumar started taking interest in cricket from the age of 8 after taking admission in college. In 1888, when he went to England to pursue higher education, he was included in the team of Trinitri College in 1892. Lord Harris, the then president of the time, was not including him in the team, saying that he was an Indian but the cricket loving public of England did not allow him to do so. When he was not included in the Lord’s England team for the first time against Australia, for the second time he was included in the England team for the second test.

He scored 62 runs in this test. His contribution of so many runs was important in total 231 runs. Unbeaten 154 runs in the second innings. In this way, he demonstrated his skills by adding a run number of 305. Game reviewers praised the shot played on each of his balls. Ranjit Singh was not happy even after scoring so many runs as the England team was defeated in it. In 1896, he broke the 25 year old record of “Sir WG Grace” by scoring 2780 runs with 10 centuries.

He became the first batsman in the world to score 3000 runs in 1899. He scored 3159 runs at an average of 61.18. He used to bend the ball with his wrist so that the spectators thought that he would strike a shot in each shot. People saw his game, did not see the sadness of life. He remained single for a lifetime. Despite such richness and popularity, pride did not touch him. From 1896 to 1900 he was the best batsman in the world. His record of scoring an unbeaten 365 in first-class cricket is also in his name.

Ranjit Singh (Ranjitsinhji) continued to play for England throughout his life, although he received a lot of love from the audience there, however, when he was born in England, the same love would have doubled. They were black, so they had to bear the brunt of it. Today in India, matches are played throughout the year to get national competition “Ranjitrafi” in his memory. On April 2, 1933, such a great personality slept forever in sleeplessness.

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