Leonardo da Vinci Biography | Biography of Lianardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was a rich, wonderful talent artist with versatility who gave a new height to the art of painting. He also excelled in sculpture. He was proficient in designing the nature and unique things. Vinci made several inventions related to civil engineering, in which the designs of alarm clock, air-conditioning plant, tank, submarine, diving equipment, helicopter, underground canal, gas mask etc. were designed. The world famous painting Monalisa is produced by him.

Leonardo da Vinci Biography

Leonardo da Vinci was born on 15 April 1452 in Vinci, a village in Italy. At the time of his birth, the evil of dowry was in full swing. Vinci’s mother married Piero da Vinci, an upper-class man, undergoing hardships due to the pain of dowry. Vinci’s mother Katrina gave birth to Vinci, but after abandoning her father, she married another man. Vinci’s father had four marriages. Being the first child, Leonardo found a lot of love at home. Since childhood, he was lost in the panoramic views of nature. The animals were so in love that they were vegetarian.

In childhood itself, he was identified with Veerochio, from whom he received training in painting, sculpture, architecture, engineering arts. Verocchio was pleased to see his dedication and hard work. Over time, Leonardo da Vinci used innovative techniques in his paintings. While drawing a picture of an object, he presented a picture of the light and shadow falling on it in different angles and in different amounts in particular that people were forced to press their fingers under the teeth.

By looking closely at every object in nature, he got information about its properties and also made its painting and sculpture. Kansa, terikota and marble top murtia were also made. At the age of 30, he went to the city of Milan in Italy to not only make court paintings for the ruler of Ludwico Sourja but also to design bridges, canals, canal nets, steam fired cannons for the use of the army. He created watercolors from the famous painting Last Supper and Monalisa Geel plaster.

Seeing the beautiful painting of Monalisa with a one and a half inch smile in Paris’s museum, do not live without appreciating her talent. Lianardo lived in Italy, Rome and France and designed many architectural and painting models. He invented an alarm clock. Chimneys for lamps and parachutes for landing were also constructed. The technique of air-conditioned plant was also prepared. He also designed the water footwear, the paddle boat.

He has preserved the knowledge of all the things of nature in his notebook. Leonardo da Vinci dissected 30 human bodies and closely photographed one organ. Drawing water, bubbles, hair curly curiosity along with drawing of airplanes and submarines. Lianardo hated war. He also prepared masks for soldiers. He did not get any property from his father during his lifetime. The step brothers took away everything from them. The orthodox organization of churches always stood up against their inventions and extraordinary fictional paintings. In the midst of these protests, he continued to work for a lifetime. On 2 May 1519, he Died.

Leonardo da Vinci was an extraordinary artist of the world. Through painting and architecture, he had prepared a solid ground for various inventions. His painting and engineering abilities were so unique that he would remain an inspiration and foundation for the coming scientists.

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