Keep these things in Mind Before a Workout

In today’s lifestyle, many people are becoming cautious towards their fitness. Gym, Yoga, walking, jogging, swimming, etc. Many people are trying to stay fit. Whether you go to the gym or do yoga, your performance during the workout will be good only if you take care of the things mentioned in this special article of today and will avoid some things.


Keep these things in mind before a workout
Keep these things in mind before a workout

Before workout, keep these special things in mind. Workout Tips

  1. Reduce your intake of tea / coffee:  According to experts, caffeine helps to increase the focus and energy of the body, but if it is taken in excess, that too before the workouts then the body complains of dehydration Might be possible. Studies have also proved that drinking too much tea, coffee increases the amount of insulin in the body, causing irritation and you do not feel good. Try to get tea coffee at least before going to workout. Drink, even better if you are avoiding.
  2. Sleeping more or less than eight hours: If you have not completed your sleep before workouts or have taken more sleep then you will feel sluggish. Energy will not be transmitted normally in the body. Try to get at least 7 – 8 hours of complete sleep and keep a gap of at least 1 hour between starting a workout and leaving bed. Read – how many hours a day should I sleep?
  3. Drink water at the right time and at the right time: Drinking more water before starting a workout reduces the amount of sodium in the blood, causing headaches, nausea or weakness. You can drink about a medium size bottle of water two to three hours before starting a workout. Drink a glass of water half an hour before the warm-up. Drink 2-3 choking water every 15 minutes during the workout. Drink only one cup of water for half an hour after a workout.
  4. Do not eat well or eat poorly before a workout: Exercising after a full stomach, heavy or wrong diet can cause abdominal pain and stiffness in the body, so exercise on an empty stomach or at least 2 hours after eating. Do it Half an hour before the workout you can eat a few things like serials, bananas, oats, yogurt, dry fruits etc. with skimmed milk. Do not eat these things before a workout – rice, lentils, roti, fried food takes more time to digest, which will make you feel heavier while exercising.
  5. Exercising on an empty stomach: Energy is needed to do workouts, so if exercising on an empty stomach, a weak person can sometimes feel like lethargy or weakness, so a little fruit half an hour before walking or starting a workout. Or can eat dry fruit.
  6. Do not take pain killers  / pain killers: Taking pain killers tablet relaxes the muscles, so if you exercise after taking pain killers then it will have the opposite effect. That is why do not take pain killers before starting a workout or during a workout. If possible, do not do heavy workouts as long as you are taking pain killers, just do cardio or go for a walk.
  7. Get your medical checkup done: Before starting the gym, get your medical checkup done so that you can plan your exercise accordingly. Many people complain of diabetes, high BP, such people cannot do heavy and heavy exercise, so take special care to get medical checkup.
  8. Do warm-up first: Do not exercise directly by going to the gym, warm-up first. By warming up, the body comes out of the inactive zone into the active zone and it is easy to do further exercises like stretching.
  9. Exercise in the right amount: Exercise in the same amount, due to which there is a little tiredness in the body and you get a little sweat. If you get tired after exercise, then reduce the amount of exercise a little. After exercising must also take sufficient relaxation.
  10. Exercise at the right time: Exercise always in the morning, empty stomach and after defecation. If you want to exercise in the evening, do it only after 4 hours of eating food.
  11. Clothing: Use only cotton and loose clothing to exercise so you do not difficult to exercise.
  12. Work out happily: The most important thing is that while exercising, your mind is happy and you have enough time. Exercise in grief, anger, anxiety or hurry is the only loss in place of gain. So take special care that you and the surrounding environment are happy. Try to do exercise always in open and pure air, in the context of nature, so that you get enough oxygen and you can get precious treasure of health. It is also beneficial to listen to a song while doing a workout.

So friends, this is some specific information and suggestions related to workouts. Hopefully, whenever you workout, take care of these things and maintain fitness.

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