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Julius Caesar, the first emperor of Rome, was born on 13 July 100 BC. He was born in a turbulent period of Roman history when the empire was expanding on a large scale. Live the first twenty years of his life between the enemies and the assembly. The election system was corrupt. When the consul Sula returned after fighting abroad, he campaigned to get rid of the enemies. Many courtiers and officers were killed. Then Sula declared himself a dictator.

Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar was married to his enemy’s daughter, Sula ordered him to divorce his wife. Caesar refused to do so. Upon hearing the news of Sula’s death, Caesar (Julius Caesar) returned to Rome. For many years he continued to improve the skills of Vakalat. Then they were going to Rhodes to get education that the pirates caught. He swore that he would crucify the enemies when he was freed and he did so.

On his return to Rome, he was selected for the first quarter. The crosses also became very popular among the public. He became a courtier in 62 BC. This was his first independent military command. After becoming Governor of the province of Gaal, he came to know that a Swiss race was coming to attack. They set out to conquer him. After this victory, he conquered the Germans along the banks of the Rhine River. After this he also taught a lesson to the rebel Belgae tribe.

When he returned to Italy, a fifteen day aura was revealed in his honor. They continued to expand the Roman Empire by crushing the heads of rebels for many years. In 54 BC, they left for Britain with 800 ships, even the enemies had to bow before them. There was political violence in Rome. General Pompey had committed atrocities. When Caesar (Julius Caesar) attacked Pompey with the support of the public, he fled to save his life.

Caesar (Julius Caesar) became the supreme ruler of the Roman Empire, but his own army revolted, Caesar ended all problems and returned to Rome as a victorious hero. A grateful nation considered him like a god. He was given the title of Father of the Country, but the mastermind of the conspiracy was still going on. On 15 March 44 CE, Caesar’s court sat on his royal throne. A conspirator pulled his neck cloth and another grabbed the neck as soon as he got a chance. The emperor tried to escape but the rest of the people brought a knife. The rest of the courtiers could not do anything due to fear. There were 23 wounds on Caesar’s body and he died under the statue of Pompey.

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