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John Dunlop : Made of round rubber, air-inflated tires; Today, tires are used all over the world. Like food in modern life, there is a hundred percent chance of life coming to a standstill in the absence of tires. This thing is true despite being ridiculous. Without a vehicle modern public life is expected to halt and it is impossible to drive any vehicle without a tire. Even if it is a bicycle, motorcycle, scooter or car truck, even the airplane flying in the sky is useless without tires. No motor vehicle can run on roads without tires. These tires made of rubber are very strong. Air is circulated within them to give them a true and solid shape. This tire is invented by a scientist named John Dunlop.

John Dunlop
John Dunlop

John Dunlop was born in Scotland in 1840 AD. Since childhood, Dunlop had a great attachment to animals. After completing school education, he completed his education through Veterinary Science. John Dunlop was a successful vet in Scotland. It seems strange that a vet became an innovator of tires, but this is true. Although his field was veterinary science, he invented it out of his field. He practiced in Well Fast, but there was an important reason behind inventing tires.

Actually, in 1887, he bought a tricycle for his nine-year-old son. The tricycle had solid rubber tires. When his son cycled on a rough road Ubud, he used to get jerks. When his son complained to John Dunlop that the bicycle was useless, his father decided in mind that he would invent a tire using which would shock his son’s bicycle.

After all, in 1888 AD, John Dunlop invented a tire that had an air-filled rubber tube. Due to this tube, this tire could not shock the driver even when it was running on rough road. In this way John Dunlop built the first tire. In 1888, he got his invention patented. Two years later, in 1890, Well Fast Key Company started manufacturing tires. Dunlop had 1500 shares in this company. Later this company became known as Dunlop Rubber Company.

These tires brought a revolution in the world of bicycle manufacturing. The popularity of the bicycle started increasing. In the motor industry too, the invention of tires brought revolution. Although the engineer Robert Thomson of Scotland also patented the invention of tires in 1846 AD, the tires made by him were of solid rubber. He did not try to invent the tire. With the invention of John Dunlop, the name of Dunlop Company spread all over the world. These rubber tires were used in various types of traffic vehicles and still exist today. John Dunlop died in Scotland in 1921.

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