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Jivaka Komarabhacca : While making the tradition of ancient Indian medical system alive, the name of the organist is particularly well-known among the leading doctors working for its development. Jeevak (Jivaka) not only discovered the symptoms of diseases with his extraordinary talent, but also cured many difficult medical problems.


Jivaka Komarabhacca
Jivaka Komarabhacca

Jeevan (Jivaka) was a contemporary of Mahatma Buddha. He also treated Mahatma Buddha as well as his disciples. The anomaly related to her birth is such that like the Amrapali, the city of Vaishali, there was a girl named Salvati. After converting with the princes, when she became pregnant, she gave birth to a son after a certain time, leaving her to meet people. He decided to abandon his son for his commercial gain.

Calling one of his maids and throwing him on a garbage heap. In such a situation when King Bimbisara’s son Abhay looked at him, he saw that a group of crows were engaged in scooping the child. On getting the permission of the prince, the servants gave him the palace. That child survived even under such adverse circumstances, it was a matter of surprise. The child grew up in the upbringing of Prince Abhay and was named Jivaka Komarabhacca.

Due to being nurtured by the prince here, he came to be called a virgin animal. When the elder grew up, he expressed his desire to go to Taxila and study Ayurveda. In Takshashila University, through hard work, continuous study and perseverance, he received the title of best doctor of life. His mentors were the famous Vaidyaraj Atreya and Punavasu. It is said that after receiving the title of Vaidyak with the aim of taking his proficiency test, his Guru said to Jeevak “You bring such vegetation out of the land of plan of Takshashila University, which is of no use”.

Jivaka (Jivaka) wholeheartedly scrutinized the vegetation lying in the entire land of Taxila. All vegetation was going to work for some disease. In this way Jeevak attained proficiency in medical science. Acharya asked him to complete his education.

Jeevak (Jivaka) gave a new look to the system of Ayurvedic medicine. When he first reached the banks of the river Saryu, he met Devadatta from some of the famous doctors there. Devdutt challenged him to treat such a wife of a city Seth, who had terrible headaches. He had thought that this pain would go only with his death. When the young creature reached Seth’s wife for treatment, seeing his condition, the wife considered him inexperienced and refused to treat him, but Jeevak humbly prepared him for treatment.

As soon as he put a medicine made from cow’s old ghee in the nose of Seth’s wife, it came out of the mouth in the same way, with that medicine, he ended the seven-year-old disease of Seth’s wife. On being healthy, not only the Vaidyas of Ayodhya, but also the wife of Seth honored him. Nagar Seth gave Jeevakji a lot of gold issues and horse riding for the journey. After getting the money, he started living in the palace of Prince Abhay. They got a house built nearby.

At that time, King Bimbisara was suffering from Bhagandar‘s disease. He had an abscess near his anus that caused so much blood to flow that his dhoti got wet. He became the center of ridicule of all. After losing, he got his treatment done by Jeevakji. Jeevak applied the wound on his wound and his disease continued to die in no time. Similarly, he performed surgery on a Seth of Rajgriha. Opening the matted knots of a patient’s stomach made the sewing medicine medicine healthy.

While treating one Seth of Rajgriha, the organist also performed surgery on his brain. The creature gave him a condition for sleeping for seven months, then another month for two turns. While doing the surgery, he tied Seth strong with a cot and ripped his skull and removed two animals. Reshape the skin of the cranium; Was given Seven days passed, Seth began to become sixth. Life said on this, take another turn “”. Barely Seth spent seven days lying down like this. Jeevan spoke for seven months so that he wanted to see his strength mentally. This method of his treatment was psychological. Seth completely recovered.

Jivaka Komarabhacca : The name of Jivaka (Jivaka) is the foremost in ancient Indian surgeons. He also accepted challenges by treating many incurable and complex diseases. His medical practice earned fame not only in the country but also in China, Lanka etc. In ancient Indian best medicine, the name of the creature will always be immortal.

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