How to Prepare for Exam in less Time ?

Today we will learn about a very important topic, ” How to prepare for competitive exam “, although these are very important for all the students as the pace of competition is increasing day by day. Just say that ” Competitive exam preparation tips ” is today more than ever before.

So friends, you will know that how competition is going on for competitive exam in today’s world, then we should also prepare accordingly. Otherwise we will be left behind.

How to Prepare for Exam in less Time
How to Prepare for Exam in less Time

If we see, it is very easy to clear any exam, just we have to do a little preparation, for some months, we have to read and pay attention to any one of the proper exam with greatness, dedication and honesty.

First of all we should study the syllabus of that exam and we also have to keep in mind that how we are managing the time, make a time table for it, if we study it with all the attention, then we must succeed Will be found.

How to prepare for the exam in a short time

If we have once set in our mind how to prepare for competitive exam, then the first thing is to first make a plan according to Syllabus. How much time do we have for the exam and what will we have to do in that time. So to do all that, we should make a Time Table.

Subject in which you are slightly weaker than that poison) should be given more time. If we do this way then we will definitely get success. It is very easy to do all this, just we have to present our morale. Only then we will be success.

We have come to know that what is in our Syllabus, then accordingly we will have to juggle Subject Wise like Math, Reasoning, English, Study Material for GK . What we are studying or what we have read before, we should prepare proper notes of all those which will work for our Revision.

For preparing the paper, we have to make a proper time setup and we will also have to make a plan of what we will study at the same time. After all this is over, we should do some previous practice paper or mock test practice.

To prepare for NEET, these sections like Quantitative Aptitude (Math), Reasoning (Reasoning), English (English), General Knowledge (General Knowledge), and GK also bring your static awareness, current affairs and general science. Now let’s know how to prepare for competition

1. How to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude (Math)

Math is very easy, but for this, we have to know the concepts of the first maths as important formulas and should make a written note of all and after remembering all these formulas, when we will solve the problem, then it is easy to solve maths problems. Will be

At least you will have to remember the square and cube of numbers 1 to 30, in maths such as Square Root, Cube Root Solve will also have to pay attention to small short tricks. At the same time, you can easily teach them from the internet too, if we do daily set practice in Quantitative Aptitude, then we will be able to face any exam easily and you can get maximum marks.

In this way you can cover the math section of competitive exam.

Tips: Practice math as much as you can with your mind, slowly you will master math, and love math, do not be afraid of it and if youare preparing for competitive exam in hindi for the first time. So start with the easy number and paste the formula and square, cube on the wall and get up, sleep, eat, read 3 or 4 times a day, so that you will remember it quickly.

2. How to prepare for Reasoning

Reasoning Examination is because to know how quickly you can solve a logical problem by using your logic and one thing is that you understand what a conclusion is by understanding a problem. Reasoning is easy anyway.

For preparing for competitive exam, we need Reasoning Related Age Problem, Direction & Distance, Coding-Decoding, Sitting Arrangement and Venn Diagram etc.

Do all these exercises which will be useful in every competitive exam, after all, you can solve any problem using the previous practice set, mock test practice and any short cut tricks according to your own , which will be useful to us. Some such you can prepare for reasoning for competitive exam.

Tips: Solve the problems of reasoning as much as possible and link your day to day life problems and also play puzzle, reasoning game sometimes.

3. How to prepare for English

You must be aware that nowadays English Subject is a big problem for everyone, it has entered our mind, but there is nothing in this that we will not be able to do.

Let’s see how we will be perfect in English

1) First of all we have to know a little bit of English that it is very important for us.

2) After that, which exams are coming in English, we have to be prepared accordingly

3) Now that we have come to know the way, then we should understand each topic thoroughly, what is in it, with feelings. Practice English questions.

4) If you continue English like this every day, then surely we will know its result very soon.

5) And the biggest medium of English is that we should read daily Newspaper / Magazine which will come very rarely for us to read quickly, to understand Paragraph.

4. How to prepare for General Knowledge

For preparing for any competitive exam, we have to take care of GK, Current Affairs / events for this, a good GK book will have to be purchased and yes after the book we will have to update about Daily News, Past News like Subject Related Politics, Finance, Economy, Business, Education And History , etc.

We should also read GK and Current Affairs every day from the Internet, which we need very much, I have given notice to the websites and apps below. For the examination of RRB, SSC , you will also have to pay attention to General Science.

For preparing for any competitive exam, we should have Confidence on ourselves, which will be the core of our success and will show us the way forward and this Confidence will also give us a sense of Possibility in Impossibility.

How to prepare for exam in 1 day

Here were some competitive exam preparation tips . Asa I would have liked this and you must have known how to prepare for competitive exam in a short time. First of all I want to tell you one thing that never give up.

According to me, how much time you are giving for competitive exam every single day, that too with full dedication and hard work will lead you towards success. Do not look at the environment around you, who is studying, who does not just keep on working.

” Fearing the waves does not cross the boat, those who try are never defeated “

One day, success will come in your steps. Make a time schedule of the day , to study time with friends and not to pass the time. When you start studying according to the time table slowly, then you will not have to sit forcibly studying, studying will become your habit.

5. What did you learn today

I hope that you will get my article how to prepare for this exam in less time . Must have liked It has always been my endeavor to provide the readers with complete information about how to prepare for the exam , so that they do not have to search in other sites or the internet in the context of that article. This will also save their time and they will also get all the information in one place.

If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write down comments.

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