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How do I get out of the friend zone a definitive pussy magnate’s guide to never being in the friendzone again. Step 1 don’t get into the friendzone this probably goes without saying but a lot of guys I know get themselves into that shit. Time after time and never learn from their mistakes. If you’ve been in the friendzone more than like two girls then you done fucked up okay. It’s not them it’s you.

How to GET Out of the FRIENDZONE Easily

The easiest way to avoid the friendzone is to establish whether or not you’ll ever wanna be romantically or sexually involved with a girl when you meet them and then treat them accordingly. If I don’t ever want to date the girl like me then I just treat her like any other friend and that’s it.

If I potentially want to hook up with a girl I meet I won’t treat her like a friend and hang out with her all the time without making a move and offer to break her hair and then go on the Internet the next day complaining about why I’m in the friend zone.

The point I’m making is this if you want to hook up with a girl than actually treat her that way by playfully touching her or flirting teasing making moves on her and so on you treat girls you don’t like differently than girls you do. Right. It’s always super important to make sure that you set the tone for how your relationships and interactions with a girl are going from the very start.

Not doing this is why guys get friend zone because they are too nice and don’t set the flirtatious sexual tone and it results in the girl never really seeing you in a romantic way once you otherwise could have been open to it aka you just fucked up.

In short if you want to hook up with a girl go on dates with her make a move on her flirt etc. from the start. Don’t wait 6 months without making a move and say Hey I liked you this whole time want to have sex. Like what. I mean what the fuck. Let’s make this clear though you don’t need to have sex with every girl you meet.

I mean even I don’t do that. And seeing as I’m actually supposed to pick up my grandmother from her bingo tournament later tonight. I think it’s safe to say that there’s gonna be quite a few girls there that I really really really don’t need to have sex with. It’s okay to just be friends with girls you horny bastards unless you’re this guy. Honestly though this is something important you should always keep in mind.

Don’t assume you have to start something romantic with every girl you talk to. It sounds obvious but actually a lot of guys just look at every hot girl in the same way. And it really clouds their judgment when you take a step back and you’re like wait what even wanna date this girl. You might be surprised at the answer.

Now I also have some advice tips for you guys on how to keep a girl interested in you for a long time without having to make a real move on her just in case you wanna friendzone her but while still keeping her as an option for later but I’ll have to include that in part 2 so stay tuned for that.

Now if you’re already in the friendzone it’s usually impossible to get out but sometimes it can happen if you use step2 which is you have to drastically change the way she thinks about you. If you don’t know what drastically means look it up because that’s the key phrase here. If this girl already wrote shop as a friend and not a potential sexy time partner then you basically have to create a drastic change in yourself in order to allow her mind to recategorized you and take you out of that.

Just a friend column. Start treating her differently giving her less attention dressing better being flirtatious with her. You get the idea. This typically works best after you take a break from seeing or talking to the girl especially you want to go from being this guy to this guy. Other ways you can become like that perfect specimen of a man. No homo.

Are date another hot girl to show the first girl that she actually can get other hot girls which will give her the impression that maybe you are worth dating and she’s just missing out on something about you. You could also get a really cool job. Get Shredded. Become captain of the football team or throw a bad ass. Project X style party. Disclaimer I take no responsibility for any damage property arrests or deaths that happened as the result of you following this advice. Now stuff like that.

Pretty much do something significantly different that’ll make her look at you differently and allow her mind to recategorized you.

Like I said because most people what happens is you meet and after one two at the most interactions they’ve already categorized you as either a friend or a potential boyfriend or a potential sugar daddy or a loser or whatever. They have filed you under a specific heading and it’s very hard to get them to change you into a different group later on.

That’s why you need to make a big change. Now a disclaimer here. You shouldn’t go try out for the football team to impress a girl if you hate football. All I’m saying is get noticed or something you like doing. Never under any circumstances do shit you hate just to impress a girl.

It actually makes her think less of you and it decreases your own confidence because basically you let her walk all over you and that’s it. Now you know how to get out of the friend zone. So make sure to subscribe. Share this with your nerdy friends and leave a like OK

I’m just kidding guys. We’ve all been in the friendzone at some time but the point is you can get out of it now if you play your cards right. You’ll never even have to get into it in the first place. If you want more advice or a part 2 then you better let me know in the comments I read and respond to all comments. So do it. If you want more dating advice and comedy get that subscribe for new Post every week.

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