How to do Best Domain Name Selection for Blog ?

Selecting the name or domain name of the blog is your first step towards the journey of blogging. Before starting any business, we think its name. Which will become your identity going forward. It is also called branding. Take the example of Apple or Blackberry. Before these two companies started, people knew both these names according to a fruit. But right now Apple and Blackberry is a brand. If you call someone Apple, then they will understand the name of the company. Why this name has become so popular Blogging is also a kind of business, and it also needs branding.


How to do Best Domain Name Selection for Blog
How to do Best Domain Name Selection for Blog

If you are serious about blogging and want to earn money from it, then you also have to choose such a domain name, which people can easily remember and be different. In your hurry, you made a domain name selection and after a few days you did not like that. If you get a new domain again, it means that you have to start all the work in advance. Because your first blog must have been indexed in Google, and you will lose all your hard work. Before your second blog could be ranked, your first blog rank would have been missed.

In the journey of blogging, you will get to learn a lot of things and this journey is very thrilling. But you have to do it properly. Today I will tell you how to choose a better domain name for your blog, which will help you to make a good brand.

What is Domain Name ?

The name we use to visit any website is called domain name. Everyday millions of millions of domain names are purchased in WWW (world wide web). Each domain name comes with an IPv4 (Internet Protocol) address. Like Google’s IP address is But it is not possible to remember the name of all websites in number. That’s why the whole website has a domain name, which is easy to remember. This is the format of a domain name. Here,
http: Hypertext Transfer Protocol
www: World Wide Web
google: Domain Name
com: Domain Extension

There are many rules to access the Internet . Http follows the same rules to access a website. A domain name has many extensions, such as Popular domain (.com, .net, .org), Countrywise domain (.in, .uk, .us, .pk, etc.) and many more. You need one such domain name to further your blogging journey.

How to choose the best domain name?

I have told you earlier that the name or domain name of the blog is very important for your success. So these are some tips, which will help you in a good and better domain name selection.

1. Your Main Topic

First you have to think what is the main topic of your blog, about which you will share in your blog. It can be any topic, like technology, fashipn, travel, food, cooking, etc. Choose the topic that you have the most knowledge about.

For example, you want to blogging about technology. So your domain name should be a word related to technology, by which people will know that this blog is main about technology. There are some popular technology blogs like techcrunch, techpp, technorathi, etc.

2. Do not copy Polular Domain

There are also some people who make a new domain name by adding something to the popular domain name. Those people think that if this name is popular then my name will also become popular; But actually it does not happen. If you want to make your identity with the identity of others, then your identity will be made, but quite a few.

Just like our blog name is trendingclash, and you change this name to alltrendingclash, so it does not mean that as much as people like this blog, you should do as much. You should have something different and different corner, so that you can have a new identity.

3. Always buy Top Level Domain (TLD) only

In the Top Lavel Domain, it is easy for people to remember them easily. If you want to make your blog for the people of the whole country, then buy .com, .net or .org. .com is the best and popular, because people mostly think of any domain name in .com first. If you want to keep it limited to your country only, then you can choose any countrywise domain, like .in, .uk, .us, etc., is also a countrywise domain, but it is not so popular.

4. No more than 3 Words

If you are a regular Internet user, then you must have noticed that, living is also popular websites, everyone’s name is in 2-3 words. It is not a compulsory that your name should also be in 2-3 words. You can also do more. But the short name is easy to remember.

Try to find out if your domain name is under 12 letters. Trendingclash is in 12 letters, which is the best.

5. Use Google

Use the words of the same topic that your blog is in, and use Google for it. You can easily search your blog related to your topic from Google. With which you will know that how many blogs you want to make, how many such blogs are there, and how they are named. This will help you in domain name selection. From Google you will get information about what people search for. If you give your blog’s name after some search keywords, it is even better. This will help you in visitor lane.

6. be easy to speak

It is not necessary that your blog should be in 2-3 words and you should do it related words from your topic. You just have to keep in mind that people can easily remember the name they have selected., which is India’s most popular technology blog, has no meaning. But it is small and easy to remember. If you want, you can take a unique name of EC Taraha.

7. Give the most important – a little time

It is not that something came to your mind and you quickly bought the domain name of the same name. You should think at least 100 times before registering any name, so that you do not have any problem with the same name. There are also many people who are late to buy a domain name and after blogging for a few days think of changing it. This is also true, I have done this many times before. So my advice is, do not make the mistake that I have made.

If you also want to start your blog and you will confuse to take which name you want, then you can ask me. I am always ready to help you.

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