How to comment better on blog which is beneficial for you

Everyone knows how to comment on a blog, but do you know that wrong comments can harm your blog. All of you who blogging or who read blogs regularly must have brought you some comments. If you are blogging , then you must be sure to see good comments in your blog, which are not often seen. And the comments that we get to see are very short and nothing important matters in them.

Whereas if you are a blog reader, then you will be getting the option to write comments in a very place. Which can sometimes be a bit irritating. But here we should think that if a blogger is taking his time and publishing a good post, then it is the duty of the readers that we should appreciate his hard work because by doing this he will be even better in the coming time is motivated to write an article.



Now the question arises how we should write better comments. Because just writing comments is not a big deal, but writing it correctly is equally important. So today I thought that why should I provide you some information to write a better comment on Blogs so that you people get a little understanding in this subject. Then let’s start the delay and know how to write the comment method.

Comments that Irritate Us

If I talk from the point of view of being a blogger, then I reply daily in about 20 to 30 comments . And often I have to face some very irritating comments. For example, they will be like this

  • Nice Info
  • Liked the information
  • very good
  • Great information
  • good post, useful post

And I get to see many such comments. These comments may not be negative but they do not add any value to the post. So even if thousands of such comments are in a post, it has no value, they just cover the space. The commenting feature should be used to give some value to the post and not to destroy its importance. If someone writes comments using 3 to 4 words, then he is not only wasting his time but he is also destroying the time of that blogger. Even though you are writing 100 comments, if you are not doing it properly then you can never make a good relationship with that blogger. Along with this, you can never create your brand image.

How to do better comments

If you really want to write a better comment then you must keep in mind my suggested tips. And believe the truth, if you follow my suggestions, then you can definitely become a good commenter.

1.   Bring out your originality
Whenever you are writing comments, use your real name and face, this increases the authenticity of your comments. And that blogger will appreciate your comment. For this, youcan be SignUp on Gravatar . In which you can give both your name and photo.

2.   Read the
post properly Before commenting in any post, make sure to read it well. By doing this, you can know all the good and new information of that post and along with that you can also ask your doubts.

3.   There is no need to write comments in all the posts,
otherwise during the day you will be reading a lot of blog posts, but the thing is that there is no such hard and fast rule that you need to write a comment on all the blog posts. Yes, if you like a post very much
and you feel that you can make some good comment in it, then do comment.

4.   Keep Your Point: When making
any comment, you must keep your opinion or point in front. Your comment should be in such a way that your point should be known in that entire way. Just take care of this.

5.   Being Disagree
If after reading well, you feel that you do not agree with any point, then you can automatically put your point in a comment and disagree or disagree with any point of that blogger. Because after all, no one can completely agree with all things of a person, differences exist in everything. But please demonstrate a bit of decency to demonstrate this.

6. Use of   your humor
If you use your humor or laughing style of humor, then be true in giving your comments, it is very attractive and it easily gets noticed. So definitely use this thing. But without hurting anyone’s feelings.

7.   Ask a question
if you have any doubt at some point during reading the blog post, then only you can ask your questions in the comment, it is not bad. Rather, there are possibilities of clearing the doubts of other people also.

8.   Comments Formatting
Whenever you are writing a comment, pay more attention to the format of your comment. For example, if all the comments in a post are big, then you can use a small comment there and if all the comments in a post are small then you can use the big comment there. So that your comment will always be different from others.

9.   Giving Helpful Links
If after reading a post you feel thatyou should givea helpful link in it, then you can definitely add it to it. But it is simple that those links should be useful and related to the post.

10.   Having Well Structured Comment
The structure of your comment should also be good. If your comment is too big, then you should divide it into short paragraphs. At the same time, if they are many small comments, they should be structured like a list.

In any post, commenting is not just commenting, but should be done by speaking, but if you feel that you too can add some more in that way, then only then you should comment in the post. Should comment genuinely without any selfishness. And yes, along with the comment, there is also an option to share in almost all the posts, so if you like a post, instead of writing only a nice post or a good post, you can also share that post, so that you can indirectly change your mood. Can be displayed.

I fully hope that I gave you complete information about how to write a better comment on Blogs and I hope that you people have understood about how to make a better comment on Blogs . I request all of you readers that you too should share this information in your neighborhood, relatives and friends, so that our awareness will be there and it will benefit everyone. I need your support so that I can convey more new information to you.

It has always been my endeavor that I always help my readers or readers from all sides, if you people have any doubt of any kind, then you can ask me irresponsibly. I will definitely try to solve those Doubts. How did you write this article, how to write a better comment on Blogs, tell us by writing a comment so that we too can get a chance to learn something from your ideas and improve something.

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