How to be More Confident Instantly | 30 Tips for Confidence

Number 1. work out a lot. Because exercise is scientifically proven to make you happier.

Number 2. work out a lie because look good will make you feel good.

Number 3. eat healthy because being healthy will make you feel good. If you’re obese lazy and unhealthy you obviously won’t be on the same level as someone who has their shit together.

Number 4. have a hobby and be good at it. If you’re not good at it get good at it because being competitive and being good at shit will make you more confident.

Number 5. dress well because looking good will make you feel good. If you walk into a room and you know you’re the best dressed person there even if you’re not the best looking girls are still going to check you out.

How to be More Confident Instantly | 30 Tips for Confidence

Number 6. never make a decision based on what other people think of you. Train yourself not to do this. If you’re listening to the new Justin Bieber album in your car and someone pulls up next to you don’t reach to turn it down because you’re embarrassed. Just keep blasting that shit because you don’t give a fuck about anybody else’s opinions because common people don’t sit around worrying about impressing others. We just do the shit that we want to do and if other people like it then fine.And if they don’t like it then that’s fine too.

Number 7. watch guys who are confident and do some of the shit that they do. Like guys you know our guys on TV shows or whatever because this will give you a feel for different things. It will let you try out new things and it will let you see how people respond to different types of things.

Number 8. be successful because being successful in life makes you feel like a boss because you are.

Number 9. do whatever the fuck you want. Don’t try to avoid offending people. Be yourself. Now this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be a douche bag of people for no reason. It just means you shouldn’t spend half your life walking on eggshells because you’re scared you might possibly offend somebody you probably never see again anyway.

Number 10. make friends because a lot of people are social and they feel better when they have friends to talk to. Making friends is easy. Seriously all you have to do is don’t be creepy. That’s it. That’s how you make friends in a nutshell.

Number 11. Have a good relationship with your family.Because having more positive people in your life makes you feel better and in turn more confidence.

Number 12. Don’t argue on the internet. Because only fucking preteen losers do that when you waste your time and don’t benefit from it all.

You make yourself feel like a loser because you’re actually subconsciously telling yourself that your time isn’t very valuable and that you enjoy wasting it. Think about that for a second. You think Ilan mosque sits around on YouTube or read it all day calling people fags and telling them to kill themselves. Right. You think Brad Pitt is sitting there at night like hold up Angelina.

I can’t go out with you tonight because after convince a guy on youtube that I’m right and he’s wrong I don’t think so. You don’t have an unlimited amount of time unless you’re fucking immortal and if you are then DMB ASAP. But if you’re not you have a limited amount of time. That’s where the phrase spend time comes from. Every time you choose to do something you’re choosing how to spend your time.

If you choose to spend it on stupid shit like driving slowest fok or sitting on Facebook for 6 hours a day then you’re telling yourself that it’s alright to waste time because it wasn’t worth that much anyway. And by telling yourself that your time isn’t worth much you’re basically telling yourself that you’re a loser obviously telling yourself you’re a loser on a daily basis isn’t good for your confidence.

Number 13. have goals because being ambitious and having a purpose in life makes you feel good.

Number 14. get up as soon as you wake up because sitting around and being tired and lazy all day actually does reduce happiness and confidence.

Number 15. get a decent amount of sleep every night because like I just said sitting around and being tired and lazy all day actually does reduce happiness and confidence.

Number 16. Don’t make excuses. Here’s the thing a lot of people watching this video right now are probably already tempted to leave a comment like. But. I can’t use these tips because blah blah blah. Shut the fuck up.

No one gives a god damn about your excuses. Just figure out what you want to do and do it because when you make excuses you’re telling yourself that you’re not in control of your own life which is an extremely negative mindset that happens to lead to unhappiness. If you want to do something SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DO IT.

Number 17. get rid of negative people in your life because just being around negative people is scientifically proven to create negativity in you as well.

Number 18. watch funny TV shows or funny movies or funny YouTube videos or read funny books every now and then because actually laughing makes you happier. Proven fact

Number 19. don’t make a big deal about bullshit. If you play football and someone says football fucking sucks ignore it because getting offended by someone you don’t even know shows that you’re not confident enough in yourself to be above that kind of childish shit. Actually getting offended at all is childish because nobody fucking cares. Stop playing the victim and get out and do something.

Number 20. Control your life. If you want something to happen make it happen. If you’re one of those people who thinks they have no control over their own actions and that shit just happens. Cut it out. Stuff happens because people make it happen. The universe isn’t out to get you. Instead of being jealous about someone else’s success make yourself successful to control your life.

Number 21. take X because playing it safe is the shortcut to failure taking risks even if you fail makes you feel good about yourself because you actually tried and you’re giving yourself the potential to succeed whereas someone who doesn’t do jack shit doesn’t even have a chance.

Number 22. work out a lot because not being scared of getting your ass kicked anytime someone doesn’t like you will make you feel more confident. And yeah I know being athletic doesn’t make you a good fighter and all that blah blah blah. There’s always that guy who was taking like one class of karate and he’s like I know how to fight so it doesn’t matter if you have muscles but guess what.

Nobody in real life knows how to fight. How many drunk people at the bar do you think are professional fighters. Give me a break. If the guy you’re fighting is equally bad at fighting as you are then whoever is stronger and faster is probably going to win.

Number 23. If you’re in school and someone bullies you beat the shit out of them or tell on them or plant some weed in their locker and anonymously report them or hack into their computer implants and child porn and maybe not that but you get the point. Don’t let people walk all over you because choosing to be a pushover will just deplete your confidence.

One of my favorite philosophers Machiavelli said. Be nice to people who are nice to you. But if someone fucks with you back with them 1000 times worse. Now I think it was Machiavelli. Maybe it was Donald Trump I don’t remember

Number 24. Have standards. Don’t just take what you can get because taking what you can get implies that you can’t get anything good which implies that you are a loser. Are you a loser. No. Then cut that shit out.

Number 25. don’t be negative because no one likes negative people and you won’t have any friends.

Number 26. Use common sense and make your own decisions. Don’t go on Reddit and ask basic ask questions don’t ask for permission to ask some girl you like out if you’re not sure what to do. Just pick something and do it even if you back off. At least you tried and you learned from it because learning from your mistakes is something you have to do to be successful in anything if you try 10 different things even if you’re only successful 20 percent of the time. Guess what you’re still more successful than the other guy who’s sitting around doing nothing because he’s too scared to try.

Number 27. don’t complain because talking about negative things makes you negative. It makes you less happy and in turn less confident and you give yourself the impression that you can’t control things.

If you’ve been following all this advice you shouldn’t need to complain about anything because if you don’t like something just change it.

Number 28. Be positive. Here’s a positive outlook in life. Just because your sophomore year in high school suck doesn’t mean that the rest of your life will suck as long as you keep trying to reach your goals. You’ll eventually reach that.

Number 29. Be confident in yourself. Realize that confidence has nothing to do with how many people like you or how many parties you go to or how much money you make or how hot your girlfriend is being confident is about you. And it has nothing to do with anyone else nor is it even affected by anybody else. It’s all you baby.

Number 30. When in doubt just think what would based Zeus do. And then to that bonus step. Subscribe to my channel because I’m confident as fuck and listening to me will make you more confident by extension. No seriously subscribe. Do it. Want to Be Koplin in his box then subscribe to my channel and follow all my TIFF’s.

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