Hans Lippershey Biography – Complete Info

Hans Lippershey was the Dutch eyeglass maker who invented the visionary. One day while working, in 1606 AD, he took two lenses in hand and placed them at a distance from each other and looked across them. His surprise did not remain when he saw distant objects nearby. This was the first visionary. After this, Hans Lippershey applied two lanso on opposite sides of a tube and saw it through the tube. By adjusting the distance between the lanso, the distant objects became visible. This device proved very useful in fighting. With the help of this device, it was possible to see the enemy’s ships and armies magnified.

Hans Lippershey
Hans Lippershey

The Dutch government awarded him a sum of 900 florins for this invention. Later this year the device was made and sold in the markets of London, Paris, Germany and Italy. In 1609, the famous Italian scientist and astrologer Galileo made his own telescope and saw the shadow of the sky from his visionary. He noticed that the surface of the moon which looks smooth is Ubud Khabad. He saw the planet Venus and also saw Saturn’s rings.

Some even attribute the invention of the telescope to Galileo, but the telescope was actually invented by Hans Lippershey. In this time, the visionaries who used to display the image had very poor quality. Gradually, the quality of visionaries improved. Today we have many types of telescopes available, in which the Newtonium telescope, the galillion telescope etc. are the main ones. They are used in the field of battle, in astronomy and in many uses of entertainment.

The inventor of the visionary, Hans Lippershey, died in 1619. We can never forget this. Today, such visionaries have been made, which are being used in the research of astronomy. The Hubble Space Telescope is a visionary who wanders into space and provides information about the subject there.

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