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Preface : – Global warming is a very big problem for the whole country except our country and it is continuously increasing on the earth’s environment. With this problem not only humans, every living creature on earth are harming and dealing with this problem. Every country is constantly taking some measures for this, but due to the decrease of global warming, it is constantly increasing. The biggest responsibilities of global warming are And Svam getting human Kuski activity increased somewhat such that each side constant environment in the amount of greenhouse gases in global warming is growing dangerous gas from these activities of human carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxide, and so on.


Global Warming Essay
Global Warming Essay

Definition of Global Warming : – Global warming is the constant global increase in temperature in the earth’s atmosphere.

The meaning of global warming : – The average temperature of the air and ocean near the Earth has been increasing since the twentieth century and its approximate continuity is the average temperature of the world air near the surface of the Earth during the years 2500 years 0.74 plus minus 0.8 degree Celsius. (1. 33 plus minus 0. 32 ° F)

Natural Causes of Global Warming: –  Greenhousegases are the most responsible for climate change caused by global warming. Greenhouse gases are gases that absorb heat from outside and absorb most of the greenhouse gases. The more important gas is carbon dioxide which we living animals emit along with their mother-in-law, according to environmental scientists The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increasing in the earth. Carbon dioxide enters the Earth’s atmosphere and is responsible for increasing the temperature here, according to scientists, the emission of these gases continues in this way, then our Earth’s temperature in the 21st century is 3 degrees. Can increase up to 8 degrees Celsius, if this happens then the consequences will be very deadly. Mr. Will.

The sea level will rise, increasing the sea level like this, many parts of the world will be absorbed into the water, it will cause huge devastation, it will be more terrible than any war caused by a world war or any “asteroid” hitting the earth. Will prove very harmful for the Earth.

Human causes of global warming

Most of the factors responsible for global warming are human-caused work that results in disastrous. In the blind race of human development and progress, nature is becoming distant.

The streams of rivers are being blocked, trees and forests are being destroyed to collect our happiness and resources, due to industrial revolution, there is a lot of pollution due to the running of coal, oil, and crores of vehicles, Our Earth is getting unusually hot.

Other causes of human-caused global warming

(1) Deforestation .

(2) Industrialization.

(3) Urbanization.

(4) Cutting of trees .

(5) Various actions of human.

(6) Increase in harmful yogis.

(7) Use of chemical fertilizers.

Developed countries a cause of global warming

One reason for global warming is developed countries. Its attitude continues to cause disruption. The United States and many other developed countries are more responsible for this problem because their countries have a 10 times higher rate of carbon emissions than developing countries but their own And to maintain industrial nature is not willing to cut carbon emissions, on the other hand India, China, Ja Developing countries like Pan believe that they too are in the process of development, so they cannot take the path of reducing carbon emissions, so developed countries should also work with little harmony to understand the safety of their earth.


Gloveal warming is a process developed by humans because no change happens on its own without touching anything, so the way we humans are harming global warming, we humans together need to save this earth from global warming. Otherwise, we will get to see its terrible form in which the Earth may not exist at all. Micro harmony, all countries with wisdom and unity should think about it or no way Dundana is essential so that moving our breath of oxygen the same breath were not anywhere to stop because of the dangerous gases. Therefore, natural improvement is better than technical and economic comfort… .. necessary.

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