Feeble Minded – Motivational Stories

Everyone in school called him retarded. His Gurujan was also angry with him because he was too weak to read and his intelligence level was below average.

Her performance in class was always poor. And the children never missed making fun of him. Going to study was as if it was like a punishment, as soon as he entered the classroom and the children started laughing at him, some people called him the head of bulls, some people called him the king of bulls, even some teachers would not stop mocking him. Being upset, he stopped going to school.

Feeble Minded - Motivational Stories
Feeble Minded – Motivational Stories

Now he used to wander around and waste his time throughout the day. One day he was going somewhere, wandering and he got thirsty. He started searching for water here and there. at the end he saw a well. He went there and drew water from the well and quenched his thirst. Now he was quite tired, so after drinking water, he sat there. Just then, his gaze went to the mark on the stone on which the rope was formed due to repeated drawing of water from the well. He started thinking in his own mind that when drawing water again and again, even a hard stone can mark a rope, then by working hard, I can also learn. He took this into consideration and started going to school again. For a few days, people kept making fun of him in the same way, but gradually seeing his passion, the teachers also started supporting him. He diligently worked tirelessly. After a few years, the same student scholar Varadaraj, Who composed texts such as Mugdhabodha and Minor Siddhantha Kaumudi in Sanskrit. ”

The intention is that we can achieve victory over any of our weaknesses, all we need is dedication to our goals with hard work and patience.

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