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Essay on music 1 (150 words)

Essay on music : The streamlined sound, which arises from the creation of rasa, is called music. The effect of music’s drunkenness on the living world is not hidden from anyone. Music plays an intrinsic and necessary role in our lives. There are different types of music, which we can enjoy according to our need and requirement.

Some of us like to study, play some indoor or outdoor games, and listen to music at other moments as well. Nevertheless, all prefer listening to music in their spare time for pleasure and brain relaxation. Listening to music in slow voice gives us comfort and peace and gives us mental and spiritual health. It helps fight our mental and emotional problems throughout life. I always like listening to music.

Essay on music
Essay on music

Essay on music 2 (250 words)


I love listening to music since my childhood. I still remember that, for me, Sunday vacation meant listening to music with all family members. Throughout the day, in the middle of the house, music used to be played in slow voice and every member of the house used to do their work. My father used to inspire all the members in the house to listen to music. It helps to keep our brain strong and busy. Music is like meditation and it benefits us a lot if we listen to music every day. Some students have a habit of listening to music during their studies and they are unable to study without music.

Musical effect

Music has a profound impact on human life. The effect of the intoxicating music of music on the living world is not hidden from anyone. We have been listening for many days about the subjects such as the reindeer being distracted by the hunter’s arrows, listening to the poisonous snakes’ bean tunes, and getting enchanted by the sound of music. Music has a lot of power and many researches have shown that music also acts to increase our integrity.


Music is like yoga. It keeps us happy and helps to balance the hormones in our body, relieve the body and brain, and thus keep us physically and mentally healthy. It also keeps us away from obesity and many other mental problems. This is the reason why music is loved by humans as well as animals.

Essay on music 3 (350 words)


Music is the best way to be happy and busy in life. In this busy, crowded and corrupt world, where everyone wants to harm each other at all times, music keeps us happy in such difficult times and helps to provide relief to our brain. I have realized in my real life that music is, in fact, a tool to help keep me happy forever. Music is more than meditation and yoga, as it benefits both our body and mind. We can listen to music anytime throughout the day, listening to music in a moderate voice is a very good habit.

I always like listening to music at the time of my studies and especially, at the time of my exams. It helps a lot in increasing my concentration during studies and it actually gives me quite good results as well. Due to which I am able to get good marks in my subjects.

Music is a yoga

Music is like yoga which always keeps us happy along with it also keeps the balance of hormones in our body. Music has a very good effect on our health, it keeps our body healthy and our mind calm. In today’s time, there is so much corruption and lack of friends, music becomes our friend at this time. Which makes us happy and brings relief to the brain. I have also realized many times in my life that music also helps us to be happy.


I listen to spiritual music every morning because my father starts music in my room at 5 in the morning. He always tells me that, music is the power God has given us. It should never be discontinued. Music is a powerful instrument that increases the power of our meditation and always helps us to move forward and leads us to success in our life.

Essay on music 4 (450 words)


Music is a God-given gift for the entire human species. It is like a kindred soul for us, which helps us to keep ourselves mentally and physically healthy. Music is the rhythm that brings all the good memories and positive thoughts of the past, favorite places, individuals or festivities etc. Music is a very melodious and universal language, which tells everything peacefully and eliminates all our problems without asking us.

I am very committed to music and listen to it mostly. It makes me happy while providing great relief. Listening to music is my passion and it is the secret of my healthy and happy life. This is the gift of God to me, which I use for my good and along with this I advise others to benefit from it by listening to music.

Fond of music

Since childhood, I am fond of listening to music due to my father, besides participating in music competitions with my friends, singing in church, birthday celebrations, etc. in other places. Music is a very important part of my life; I can’t even imagine my life without music. My parents, especially my father, encouraged me a lot in learning music and gave a wonderful identity to my habit.

Music is very easy; Anyone who can learn at any time, however, needs hobbies, regular practice and discipline to learn it. I know how to play Bansi very well, due to which I get great appreciation among my friends and colleagues. It works to soothe my brain. Along with that it also fills me with positive thoughts which help me a lot in my personal life. In this way, it can be said that music provides spiritual, mental and physical strength as well as develops confidence in man.

Indian music

Indian music has been very popular in India since ancient times, it is heard and liked for a long time. The beginning of this music dates back to the Vedic period as well. The original source of this music is believed to be the Vedas. There is a belief in the Hindu tradition that Brahma gave music as a boon to Narada Muni. Indian music is quite famous all over the world. It is quite tranquil and relaxing, a description of such great artists in Indian music history who mesmerize trees and plants with their music.


Music is a very powerful medium and delivers a very positive message to everyone. We get a lot of help through music, Sanket works to make our life even better. The nature of music is also to encourage and promote, which also works to increase the power of human concentration by removing all negative thoughts. Music is something that helps us to relive all the good memories we have with our dearest person.

Essay on music 5 (600 words)


Music is a blessing to me, because it has played a very important role in my life. It always does something good for us. Music is like a life oxygen for me, which helps me to live life better. Music also helps us to stay healthy and calm. It has been said that without music, life cannot be imagined because without music our life will be completely incomplete.

Musical effect

From my childhood till my growing up, I was a very quiet person without any joy and happiness. Nobody spoke to me because of my nature. One day I was very upset and my father saw me and asked me about my problem. Listening to me, he encouraged me to take admission in music school and advised me to learn music for at least an hour. I followed his advice and acted as per his advice, it completely changed my life in a month. I have never been the same as I was before learning music.

Music gave me mental peace, satisfaction, health, boosted my meditation level, filled my brain with positive thoughts and most importantly, music started attracting my friends towards me. My father told me that, whenever you are troubled in life, always seek the help of music, it will lift you from this dilemma and will lead you to success. Since then, whenever I am alone or with my friends, I listen to music.

Music is like meditation, if it is practiced with dedication and devotion, it improves mental health and concentration. We cannot ignore the truth about music. It is very powerful, which tries to increase our kind of emotions and strength. Music is a medium that touches even our soul and can never be eradicated from the world.

Music the life of human life

Music is a definite physical process and the way light and heat influence nature and the living world. This makes their bodies growing, healthy and healthy. Similarly, music also has thermal and optical energy and it holds such an important place in the development of beings, as much as food and water.

Music is like a panacea for an afflicted person, who gets instant peace on hearing it. Sound is a definite physical process and the way light and heat influence the nature and the living world. This makes their bodies growing, healthy and healthy. Similarly, sound also has thermal and optical energy and it holds such an important place in the development of beings, as much as food and water. Music is like a panacea for an afflicted person, who gets instant peace on hearing it.


Music is a God-given gift for the entire human species. It is the key to soul peace which helps us to make us mentally and physically healthy. Music is the rhythm that brings all the good memories and positive thoughts of the past, favorite places, individuals or festivities etc. Music is very important to us. And it has become a part of our daily life.

Essay on the importance of music 6 (700 words) | Essay on music


Music is a very important and powerful thing in anyone’s life, those who like to listen and sing music also know the importance of music in their life. A music lover remains free from problems like those, he never bothers with any problem in life. Music helps us in relieving stress and helping to relax the brain as well as making life even better.

Many people like to listen and sing music at various festivals and events. Some people listen to music every time like: in office, at home, on the way, etc. It helps to keep away from all the problems of life and also gives solutions to the problems. Nowadays, at the time of working in offices in big companies, there is a trend of singing in a low voice to make their brain refreshing, peaceful, focused, positive thoughts as well as to increase the efficiency of the employees.

Love music

I love music because of its genetic qualities because my father and grandfather were very fond of music. Music goes on in my house in a slow voice from morning till evening. I don’t know much about musical melodies, but I often like to listen to music while traveling or studying. During the weekly vacation, at home or picnic with our family or any other favorite place, we dance, listen to music and enjoy the holiday by singing songs. Music touches my soul and makes me realize that, I have no problem in this world.

Positive effect of music

Music is very powerful and delivers positive messages for all emotional problems and does not ask anyone for anything. It is a kind of melodious music. Though tells us everything and shares more problems than humans. The nature of music is to encourage and promote, which removes all negative thoughts and increases the power of human concentration. Music is something that helps to remember all the good memories we have with our most loved person. It has no boundaries, constraints and rules directory; It only requires listening with dedication and devotion.

Whenever we listen to music, it brings great feeling in the heart and brain, which connects us with our soul. This connection is the all-powerful power of God. Somebody has rightly said about music; “Music has no boundaries, it is beyond all limits.” And “Music is inherent in life and in life music.” Impressed by this, I also learned music and guitar. Started learning to play and hope that one day I will become a very good musician.

Importance of music in life

Music has a lot of power, it makes a place in the minds of people in many ways. Where it can make work it can also spoil it. Music has a profound effect on everyone’s life, from humans to trees, plants, animals etc. Scientist has proved that the treatment of diseases can be done well through music. Its use has been very successful in the treatment of eye disease and heart disease. The digestion related diseases are also treated with the music notes. As a man gets lost in the music waves, his attention gets removed from everything. And he feels relaxed.


Essay on music : Music is like yoga. It makes us happy and also maintains hormonal balance in our body. Along with this, it also works to give relief to body and brain. Due to which it helps us to keep our body healthy both physically and mentally. It also works to protect us from obesity and mental problems. I love music very much and I love listening to music every morning. Music is also very important for our heart and it also helps us in getting a good sleep.

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