Essay on Cow | Cow Essay in English 500+ words

Essay on Cow : While the cow has great importance all over the world, but in the context of India, it has been the backbone of India’s economy since ancient times. Whether it is a matter of milk or of bulls used in farming. In the Vedic period the number of cows used to be the standard of prosperity of a person. Being a milch animal, it is a very useful domestic animal.
Essay on Cow
Essay on Cow
Usefulness: Cow’s milk is very nutritious. It is considered a very useful diet for the sick and children. Apart from this, many types of dishes are made from milk. It also makes curd, cheese, butter and ghee from milk. Cow’s ghee and cow urine are also useful in making many Ayurvedic medicines. Cow dung is the best fertilizer for crops. After the death of a cow, all its parts including leather, bones and horns are used in some way.
Cow’s milk is very useful as compared to other animals. Children are especially advised to feed cow’s milk, because while buffalo milk brings dullness, cow’s milk maintains versatility in children. The buffalo baby (pada) is believed to fall asleep after drinking milk, while the cow’s calf jumps after drinking its mother’s milk.
The cow is not only useful for people in her life, but even after dying every part of her body is used. Cow’s leather, horns, hoofs are used daily to produce useful items. Manure prepared from cow bones is useful for farming.
Physical structure of cow : Cow has one mouth, two eyes, two ears, four udder, two horns, two nostrils and four legs. The hoofs of the feet act as shoes for the cow. The cow has a long tail and there is a bunch on its side, which she uses to fly flies etc. Most species of cow do not have horns.
Major breeds of cows : There are many breeds of cows, but in India, mainly Sahiwal (Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar), Gir (South Kathiawar), Tharparkar (Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Kutch), Karan Fry ( Rajasthan) etc. The Jersey cow is the most popular of the foreign breeds. This cow also gives more milk. The Indian cow is smaller, while the body of the foreign cow is slightly heavier.
Cow colors: Cow has many colors like white, black, red, badami and brindle.
Religious importance of cow : In India, cow has the status of goddess. It is believed that 33 crore gods live in the body of the cow. This is the reason why on the second day of Diwali, cows are specially worshiped on the occasion of Govardhan Puja and their peacock feathers are adorned.
The cow was considered a symbol of prosperity in ancient India. During the war, cows were also looted along with gold, jewelery. The state in which cows used to be is considered as rich. Who doesn’t know Krishna’s cow love. That is why his name is also Gopal.
Essay on Cow : Unfortunately, the way polythene is used and thrown away in cities, cows die prematurely by eating it. Everyone will have to think seriously in this direction so that the cow dynasty symbolizing our ‘faith’ and ‘economy’ can be saved. Cow is still the backbone of rural economy. Overall, cow has great importance in human life.

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