Essay on Bhai Dooj | Bhai Dooj Essay in English

Essay on Bhai Dooj :  Deepawali is the biggest festival of Hindus and is celebrated on the fifth day of the five-day festival, the festival of  . Bhai Dooj is also known as Yama Dwitiya. The festival of Bhai Dooj is a festival based on brother-sister relationship, which is celebrated with great reverence and mutual love. After Rakshabandhan, BhaiDuj is the second festival dedicated to the deep love of siblings.
Essay on Bhai Dooj
Essay on Bhai Dooj
How to celebrate- The festival of Bhai Dooj is celebrated on the third day of Deepawali. On this day, married sisters, siblings invite their brother to their house for food, and by building cow dung, Bhai Dooj family, worshiping him and offering food to brother. The sister wishes her brother a long life by planting tilak and giving him a gift. Bhai is some remotely related beliefs, based on which it is celebrated differently in different regions.
The story of Bhai Dooj- Yamraj and Yamuna were born from the womb of Chhaya, wife of Suryadev. Yamuna used to request her brother Yamraj with affection that they come to her house and have food. But Yamraj used to defer the matter of Yamuna due to being busy. On seeing Kartik Shukla Dwitiya, Yamuna suddenly stood at his doorway and was delighted. Be happy and welcome brother and get food.
Pleased with this, Yamraj asked the sister to ask for the bride. Then the sister told the brother that you will come here every year to have food with me and on this day, the sister who feeds her brother with vaccine, does not fear you. Yamraj went to Yampuri saying ‘Aastastu’. It is believed that the brothers who take bath in Yamuna on this day accept the hospitality of the sisters with full devotion and their sister is not afraid of Yama.
Recognition – It is popular with respect to Bhai Dooj, that on this day, by lovingly applying tilak to the brother, the love will increase with mutual love, the life of the brother is also long. Since on this day Yamuna ji had promised his brother Yamraj, according to him, celebrating Bhai Dooj gives freedom from fear of Yamraj, and increases the brother’s age and sister’s fortune.
Epilogue – Brother’s love is different. There is no better opportunity for the sister to express her love for her brother who has been concerned since childhood. As much importance is given to Raksha Bandhan, equally importance should also be given to Bhai Dooj. The sister should call the brother to his house and provide him food and with the desire of long life, he should give a small but good gift.

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