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Edwin Herbert Land : There has been revolution in the world of photography today. Black and white, color photographing has become a common practice today. Such cameras are also prevalent in the world today, with the help of which a photo can be taken in a moment and its print can be made. In this way the camera is called Polaroid camera. Do you know that this camera was invented by Herbert Land?

Edwin Herbert Land
Edwin Herbert Land

Edwin Herbert Land was born in 1909 in America. He was a physicist. Originally he was working on the polarization of light. He started the Polaroid Corporation in 1937. Prisms, glasses and safety glasses were made in this institution which were based on the principle of Polaroid. After this, the Second World War started. During World War II, distance measure and Anti Aircraft Gun were created by him on the principle of Polarization.

In 1947, Edwin Herbert Land made the first model of Polaroid camera. In 1948, it came on sale in the market. At this time only black and white photos could be made. George Eastman invented the role film. In 1972, Edwin Herbert Land made a small camera model that could be easily carried anywhere. This camera became very popular. Many electronic circuits were installed in it, which used to carry out all the activities of the camera automatically. As soon as the shutter of this camera was closed, the picture was received in a few hundred.

A few years later, colorful Polaroid films developed which were capable of making colorful images in a moment. In 1978, Land made a movie camera called Polar-vision, by which a movie of any event could be made in a matter of minutes. It was also possible to show the movie movie made with this camera immediately by the projector. This camera created panic in the field of photography. Internet photography has become very popular nowadays. Any person who needs his photo immediately can get the photo in a few minutes with this camera. The work of taking photos and making prints from it is done by the camera.

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