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Donald Bradman : There have been many Batsmen and Bowlers who have made their name in popular sports like cricket, who have not only gained fame but also records because of their excellent game. The test of a running batsman is in scoring his maximum runs and making records according to the average. Many batsmen score runs at very slow speeds, while many at very fast speeds. Among the players who have scored very fast runs, the best batsman whose name is named with great pride and respect in the world, as well as on average, no one can match his record, which remains a challenge for today’s batsmen. Is The name of that great batsman who scored runs in 52 Tests at an average of 94.94 was Sir Donald Bradman. Let us make you look beautiful with his biography.

Donald Bradman
Donald Bradman

Sir Donald George Bradman was born on 27 August 1908 in Australia. When he was only 20 years old, he played for England team in 1928–29, scoring two centuries at an average of 66.85. He scored a century in 4 out of 5. He scored two double centuries in the Leeds Test, which also included 334 runs. He broke the record of 905 runs of Sir Headmond by scoring 994 runs. His average in this series was 139.14.

Although Donald Bradman was born in Cootamundra, a small town in New South Wales, and his father was an ordinary farmer, he started playing cricket in this poor situation as soon as he passed the high school examination. They used to hit the old golf balls on the wall during practice such that the ball could not fall on the floor. After practice on the cement floor, they used to practice on the sand of the Bully River which would increase the speed and bounce of the ball. Used to help in direction direction.

Playing for the school team, he had scored 115 runs himself out of a total of 156 runs and declared his innings to be a proud finish. When the principal heard this incident of his pride in the prayer meeting, he felt that he should not make such a mistake. Boasting a player like this does not suit. Leaving the school, Bradman joined the land-related business. During this time, he got the privilege of joining the national team, in which he scored the most runs in terms of average.

In 1928, he was unable to score at a good average for the team that went to England. He then scored 79–112 in the third Test and 123–371 in the final. In the 1929–30 season, he showed his ability by scoring 452 runs against Queensland. On the tour of England in 1930, he started the game with 215 and 185 runs and earned a huge score of 131 in the second innings of the Test, 254 runs in the second test and 334 runs in the next Test. England players were shivering in his name.

Donald Bradman, who played stroke as he wished, used to stroke in a strange and very new way, which was beyond the understanding of the players of the opposition team. The fielders used to take the ball from the middle so that no one could touch it. In the Leeds Test in 1930, he scored a century before lunch and scored 309 runs in the whole day. In 1932–33, the England captain plotted the bowling called Bodyline to dismiss Bradman. He gave a befitting reply to the England team by scoring 100 runs in this series.

Once, in a test, the balance of his feet was lost such that he kept falling but did not let his eyes go off the ball. Those who see this exciting scene are still remembering it. Bradman was not fond of cigarettes, alcohol etc. He had a great interest in playing the piano. His wife’s name was Jassie Bradman. In 1932, he scored a world record by scoring 1990 runs in the Test series against South Africa. The saddest day of Donald Bradman’s life was when he was playing for 70,000 spectators at the stadium in Melbourne, for the first time, he was out for zero. If he had put a single four in it, his run average would have been 100 percent from 99.94. He scored 29 centuries in 52 Tests.

Sir Donald Bradman was the greatest batsman of cricket. He scored 28067 runs in 338 innings at an average of 95.14 in the first-class match. Whereas in 80 innings of international cricket, he scored 6996 runs at an average of 99.94. No player in the world has broken the record of scoring at such a fast pace in so few tests. Although our country’s Sachin Tendulkar and Sunil Gavaskar have broken their record of runs, however, only Sir Donald Bradman could do the job of scoring at such a fast pace in so few tests.

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