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Charles Darwin was one of the great scientists of the 19th century who gave a new direction to the world by taking a biological view of the process of human development. His thinking influenced many subjects like zoology, botany, biology etc. Darwin, who accepted the power of God and nature, gave a rational explanation of the adaptationist theory of nature. Let us tell you in detail about the biography of that evolutionary scientist Charles Darwin.

Charles Darwin was born on 12 February 1809. His father, Robert Darwin, used to do his doctorate in Bury. Darwin was the fifth of the six children of his parents. His mother died when he was only 8 years old. Darwin was cared for by older sisters. In 1818, he resided in the school hostel in Shrewsbury. There was a tendency to learn the names of plants, collect oysters, snails, etc. along with them. His father wanted to make him a doctor, so he had to take admission in Edinburgh University.

They found the surgery room terrible. Charles Darwin now pledged to become a priest, leaving his doctoral studies. In the meantime, under the influence of biologist Dr. Grant, he started testing the animal world on the sea shore. Along with studies, he enjoyed shooting, riding, playing and collecting insects. While collecting insects, he also studied the species of insects, their conflict patterns, adaptation etc.


Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin used to teach in geology classes. When he was appointed for the Beagle expedition, his captain Feiz Roy, seeing his boat, deemed him inferior to self-confident and unsuitable for the expedition, but later his belief was proved wrong. Returning from the campaign, Darwin became the secretary of the Geological Society in 1838. In 1839, Darwin married Josiah Wedgwood. Then he left London and lived in the quiet atmosphere of the cant down.

Darwin (Charles Darwin) proposed that those who adapt to the variable components survive. Adverse components are eliminated in the event of an imbalance. The nature of the favorable is to be safe and the adverse is to be destroyed. He also explained the process of development of creatures including humans. He proved this by challenging the traditional thinking in his book The Origin of Species. In life, innumerable different kinds of creatures came into existence in nature, in which man has also been a type of organism. Only those who were able to fight against the climate and enemies for food survived, only those who could not do so, their species was destroyed.

Human beings have reached further than other beings in the process of development. He has surpassed his similar small tail monkey in all levels. Evolutionary scientists have not been able to do this in the way Charles Darwin propounded the story of man’s development. The 1250 copies of his book The Origin of Species, published on 24 November 1859, were sold on the same day. All scientists, philosophers, thinkers accepted this. Darwin was devoted to work, hiding his disease and suffering. This great scientist died on 19 April 1882 while living in Cant down.

Charles Darwin presented the truth of survival to the most capable in the struggle for existence. God is a paramount power. Through this process of development, the creator has given birth to many creatures and has given many powers. He has been developing in many beautiful forms and will continue to do so, he said. Darwin was hesitant by nature, was of Vinram instinct and possessed of subtle inspection power. The world will always remember this great scientist who propounded the evolutionary theory of living beings.

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