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Bruce Lee is considered the pioneer of Martial Art. Bruce Lee gave birth to a particular type of wrestling style by combining Martial Art and Kung Fu. This immune style is called Jeet Kune Do. Along with this style, he was very famous for stunting in films. He remained an ideal motivator for the younger generation for a long time. Let us make you look beautiful with his biography.

Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee was born on 27 November 1940 in a Chinese family in the United States, who was a resident of San Francisco. Her father Lee Hoi-chuen was an Opera artist and mother Grace Ho was a European woman. After completing his primary education in Hong Kong, he continued to study many subjects as well as training in the immune system of Martial Art. He married Linda Emery, an American girl. This smart and courageous young man of the world soon became famous in the world of advertisements and posters due to his skill.

He has acted in many Hollywood films including Enter The Dragon, Return The Dragon, Game of Death, The Big Boss. He was considered the most expensive star of that era in Hollywood. Unfortunately such an extraordinary artist and the pioneer of Martial Art died on 20 July 1973 under mysterious circumstances at a young age. At the time when he died, he was busy planning his upcoming film at the home of a lady friend.

His untimely death gave rise to many questions. On 3 September 1973, the Government of Hong Kong set up a commission to find out the reality of the causes of death, but the secret of his death has remained unresolved. It has also been expressed the possibility that someone may have murdered them by accident.

People with extraordinary talent like Bruce Lee are rare, who leave such an indelible mark of their talent on the brain of the world, which is hardly possible to erase. Bruce Lee developed the Martial Art style of immunity that had a wonderful harmony of speed and agility and a coordinated form of body flexibility that was able to withstand a weapon armed man. Even today, his art is prevalent in not only China, Korea but all the countries of the world. Brusli was synonymous with martial arts.

Bruce Lee’s Life at a Glance Bruce Lee Facts in Hindi

Name Bruce Lee
Chinese name Bruce Lee
birth name Li Jun Fen
Date of birth 27 November 1940
birth place Chinatown, San Francisco, California, USA
Death 20 July 1973 (age 32)
Place of death Kowloon Tong, Hogkong
Mausoleum Lake View Cemetery, Seattle
Habitat Kowloon Tong, Hogkong
Education University of Washington
Scope of work martial arts
The actor
the director
screenplay by
the creator
Years active 1941–1973
the nationality Hong Kong
United States
wife Linda Emery (married 1964)
Son Brandon Lee (1965–1993)
Daughter Shenan Lee (born 1969)
Father Li Hoi-Chuen (1901–1965)
mother Grace Ho (1907–1996)
brother Robert Lee (born 1948)
Hot Films
The year name of the movie
1969 Marlowe
1971 The Big Boss
1972 Fist of Fury
1972 Way of the Dragon
1972 Game of Death
1973 Enter the Dragon
1979 The Real Bruce Lee
1981 Game of Death II

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