5 Best Video Calling Apps for Android

Best Video calling apps for Android : In today’s era, almost everyone has a smartphone, with the help of which a person can do a lot of work in a few minutes with just a finger. Due to the Smartphone, people’s work has become much easier than before. With the help of phone, we can do a lot in our daily life like shopping, banking, communicating etc. Due to the creation of faster and better mobile data networks like 3G and 4G, video calls through smartphones have been banned in a very popular way to talk to friends and relatives. Video calling is a new and attractive technology with the help of which we can see our faces while talking to our friends and relatives through mobile.

Best Video Calling Apps for Android
Best Video Calling Apps for Android

Nowadays in almost all types of smartphones, you get to see high-quality front-facing camera. With the help of this camera and the accompanying fast internet, we can make video calls from our smartphone. In order to make video calls, it is very important to have a better video calling app in our smartphone. And to make video calling, one more thing that needs to be kept in mind is that it is very important to have the same video calling app installed on your smartphone with whichever person you want to make a video call. Today the app will be better for your smartphone, I am going to tell you about it. So let’s know what are the 5 best video calling apps for Android ?

List of Best Video Calling App for Android

There are many video calling apps in the Google Play Store , but the number of apps in the list below is the best. It can also be that you will also be using any of them.

1# Line

Line is a very popular video calling app of Android phone that allows people to make video calls from their device to another device as it has the option of making face-to-face video calls. It is very easy to use it and for that we just have to go to the list of the line and choose the name of the person with whom we want to talk. We can use it absolutely free, for that you will have to go to Google Play Store and install this app in your phone. With the help of the Line app, we can create as many video and audio messages as we want. This app provides us high-quality video calling features using fast internet.

2# Google Duo

Google Duo is a new and advanced video calling app that just launched a few months ago. To make a video call from this app, you just have to create an account by giving your phone number, just like we do in other apps to signup just like that. After entering the phone number, your account will be created in just a few moments, after that you will be able to easily call video on the number of friends, which will be present in the contact list of your phone. One of the great features of this app is that when you are talking with your friends, your video call will never stop in the middle without your permission as the Duo app gets connected very quickly and slows down the speed of network. works well.

All calls you make with the help of the Duo app are encrypted by default end-to-end so that no other person or hacker will be able to hear and record your talk. You can also download and install the Duo app from the Google Play Store.

3# IMO

IMO is also another popular app that provides the ability of video calling for free, with the help of which we can make high-quality video and voice calls from our Android phone. This is the best video calling app for 2G network, apart from this, no other app is able to work well in 2G network. Through this app, a person can send countless messages to their friends, share photos and videos with them and along with that you can also chat and video call in group with your friends, that too 2G, 3G, 4G Or Wi-Fi on any kind of connection.

There are a lot of stickers available in this app, with which we can express our feelings with our friends. Before starting video calling, we have to create our account in IMO and also your friends with whom you want to talk have to create an account in this app in their devices. All calls and chats are also encrypted in IMO app.

4# Hangouts

Hangouts is a product of Google and is also one of the most popular video calling app that is already installed in Android devices. This is a complete messaging app in which we can make messages, video and audio calls. With the help of Hangouts we can make video call with ten people simultaneously. To create an account in Hangouts, it is very important to have google account. To start a conversation, you have to open the Hangouts app, after that you have to click on the option of Add (+) on the bottom right, after that choose the name of the person with whom you want to talk and then from the video camera. Click on the symbol, your video calling will start.

5# Skype

Everyone must have heard about Skype at some time because this name is the most recognized in the world of video calling and is the best video calling app for Android phone . With the help of Skype, we can make a video call with a person or a group anywhere in the world for free. Its creation is very easy due to which any person can easily understand and use it. Due to its popularity, millions of people and many companies are using Skype to make high-quality video calls.

This app has about 700 million registered users all over the world. We can use this app in all types of devices like desktops, tablets and smartphones. Apart from Voice and Video calling, we can also share any kind of files with our friends.

This was the list of 5 best video calling apps for Android , with which we can talk with our family and friends by looking at them. I hope you will like this article and apart from this, if you use any other app for video calling, then do share with us.

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