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Ancient world conqueror Alexander (Alexander) was born in 356 BC in Macedonia. His father was King Philip and mother Olampias, whose son was always taught that he was a descendant of Akilis and Hercules. At an early age, Alexander (Alexander) was taught to become a great ruler. 13-year-old Alexander (Alexander) became a disciple of the Greek philosopher Aristotle. During this time, he got interested in philosophy, medicine and science, although Aristotle’s concept of small states did not embrace him because he wanted to establish dominance over the whole world.


Although Aristotle aroused interest in reading them. At the age of 16, he was called to Macedonia so that he could counter the rebellious Tharkichan in the absence of his father. He did not delay in crushing the rebel’s head. After the father’s assassination in 336 BC, 20-year-old Alexander (Alexander) took over the throne and started the world victory campaign in two years. The army was small but capable. Along with the army, engineers, researchers, architects, scientists and historians also walked.

The first war was fought with the Persian army. His king showed his fighting skills but was defeated. Then Alexander (Alexander) turned south only to encounter resistance from the island city of Tire. There was a ceasefire for seven months and eventually the tire was also destroyed. When they reached Egypt after conquering Gaza, people welcomed. He met Persio for the third time in 331 BC. Alexander burnt his palace. Forced people to accept their dominance.

Then he crossed the Indus river and met the Indian king Porus. A fierce battle ensued but Porus could not win. He surrendered and became a friendly nation. After eight years of campaign, Alexander (Alexander) wanted to go further but the army gave up. They wanted to return to their families, though they used to take great care of the army. Get injured soldiers treated. His funeral would have been completely arranged. Soldiers would have been entertained with sports and competitions in their spare time, they would have supported them.

Returning to Babylon, the conqueror assumed his throne. He started drinking a lot of alcohol. One day after getting drunk, he killed his close associate in a huff. This act of his continued to embarrass him for a lifetime. He died of malaria in 332 BC and died in a few days at the age of 32.

Alexander’s life at a glance. Alexander facts

Birth 20 or 21 July 356 BC
birth place Pella, Macedon, Ancient Egypt
Death 10 or 11 June 323 BC (Age 32)
Place of death Babylon
Wives Roxana
Persia second
Persisitis of Persia II
Children Alexander IV
The total Argead
Father Phillip II
mother Olympias of Epirus
religion Greek polytheism
Reigned as King of Macedonia
Reign 336–323 BC
Predecessor Phillip II
Successor Alexander IV
Philip III

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