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First of all the obvious stuff. This includes shit like grooming having a decent haircut working out not dressing like a little kid smiling and so on. There are tons of videos and articles out there about this shit. Someone will make a video like three tips on getting girls and it’s stuff like Number 1. get a haircut.

Number 2 Don’t be fat. Well duh. Gee thanks. I had no idea that if I cut my hair like Justin Bieber’s when he was 14 that girls wouldn’t like it. I had no idea that if I was 200 pounds overweight girls wouldn’t like it. Thanks for telling me great advice. So yeah. I’m not going to waste time talking about stuff like that.


I’m going to assume that you’re smart enough to know that if you’re 5000 percent body fat you need to go to the gym and if your hair is like two feet long you need to cut it. This video isn’t going to be any generic advice like that anyone can come up with. This is gonna be specific stuff that you can actually start to end right now and that you may not have thought of before.

Number 1. grow a beard. Something I’ve discovered is if you have a face that’s extremely good looking naturally then you usually look better without a beard so people can see it. But if you have a face that’s average or below average then you usually look better with a beard because what it does is help to hide the imperfections you may have heard that people find symmetrical faces attractive.

Most bases aren’t symmetrical but when you have a beard it usually covers half your face which means half of that asymmetry is now hidden so you look twice as symmetrical as you did before. It’s called math. Also it serves to hide your fucked up jawline or your acne or anything else you might not like about your face. Try it out

Number 2. be confident Click below for 30 tips for be confident

Number 3. be positive in addition to confidence something that’s often overlooked as positivity. People like to be around positive people. Think about it. You want to be around someone who is always complaining always being negative about stuff doing negative things and all that FUCK NO YOU DON’T.

The problem with guys is that a lot of them act negative as fuck around girls. They complain they grill her about why don’t you like me lenno just takes me back faster than they act all emotional.

They tell a joke and then they look to see if the girls laughing and they feel bad if she isn’t cut that shit out. Girls hate it even guys hate it. I fucking hate it Everybody fucking hates it. People like positive people because Positivity makes you feel better. Think about it. Positive people are active they enjoy doing things they talk to people because it’s fun not because they want to impress them.

They have goals and ambitions and dreams and passions. They don’t sweat the small stuff. They don’t complain about little things because they don’t care about little things. They have their own lives and they enjoy living them. They don’t latch onto the girl and try to live her life or try to control her life. If you’re smiling and having fun you will instantly be more attractive then when you’re not smiling and having fun.

Now keep in mind this doesn’t mean you should fake it. People who fake having fun usually just look like try hards you should legitimately have fun enjoy what you’re doing. I mean if you don’t enjoy it why the fuck are you doing it. For example. Don’t just listen to what a girl says while being bored out of your mind and only listening because you hope to have sex with her later. Be serious.

That’s usually what you do when you run on dates isn’t it. Yeah fuck that. Listen to what she says and take an interest in it or at least see if there’s anything interesting about it.

Anything you can learn from questions you can ask that you actually care about the answers to. Cool personality traits that she has that you can play off and so on. If you don’t give two shits about what she’s talking about and you know you never will then steer the conversation to something you do care about.

Number 4. have a pet Honestly everyone likes animals and having a pet just makes you seem like a nicer more well-rounded guy who isn’t a douche bag and who is responsible enough to take care of someone. Also people are very protective of their pets so if a girl has a dog and you say you don’t like dogs it doesn’t matter if you look like Ryan fucking Reynolds.

That girl’s going to docu at least two to three points if you like dogs but you don’t have one she’ll give you a plus one if you like dogs and you also have one she’ll give you plus two. So if you like animals get one. Disclaimer If you don’t like animals don’t get one just to impress a girl. If you know you’re not going to take care of it that’s just dumb. Plus being irresponsible is a very unattractive trait. So it’ll just work against you anyway.

Number 5. 1/2 shit you care about attractive guys aren’t just empty shells they usually have at least one hobby that they’re really passionate about.

Maybe a sibling or a parent or a pet that they really care about dreams that they really want to achieve and so on. If you’re just a generic dude who doesn’t care about anything that’s Springleaf unattractive because you’re just going to latch onto the girl and start inserting yourself in her life doing things she cares about with her friends and it just makes you look stupid. If you don’t have any hobbies get one.

If you don’t have any dreams get one personally. There’s nothing I find less attractive in a girlfriend or even just a friend that someone who has no dreams and doesn’t give a fuck about anything that’s just dumb. If a girl asks you what you’re into and you’re like oh no I’m like partying and drinking and hanging out with friends and stuff like wow. Come on dude. Hell you can be a huge Harry Potter fan boy if you want. You know just to have something.

Number 6. get a cool car. This is an easy one. All you have to do is drive down to the lambo dealership trade in whatever you already drive and buy one. No big deal. No but seriously even an unattractive guy driving a cool car will get a couple of free points just for that alone. Why. Because it’s cool it’s fun. It makes a great first impression and it allows her to think she looks cool when she’s riding around with you and you don’t even have to be rich.

I’m not talking about limbos and Perrie’s and shit like that. Hell for the price of a new camera you can get a used BMW or for the price of a new BMW. You can get used Hellcats or a Corvette or anything in that range. Plus driving a bad ass car is fun. You don’t even have to care about getting girls

Number 7. Talk less. Don’t go on talking and talking. Let the girl talk. Don’t text more than she text you don’t call her more than she calls you don’t send her a long ass text if she’s sending you a short ass text if she asks you a question and you know the answer is going to suck. Don’t sit there trying to defend yourself to her. Less is more.

A lot of guys suffer from overtalking and it’s really unattractive if she texts you when you’re not sure if you should reply or not the answer is you shouldn’t. When in doubt just be quiet. There’s nothing worse than a guy who talks and talks but doesn’t actually have anything worth saying.

So those are the 7 Ways to instantly become more attractive try them out for a few days leave a comment. Let me know how they work for you. Want to learn more about dating tips and ways to make girls think you’re more attractive than you actually are.

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